Business profile: Patty Bishop, Just Go Adventures LLC

Patty Bishop

Just Go Adventures LLC


Years in business: 26 years

Background: “I worked with a well-known publisher who had magazines all over the United States. I have been publishing for 26 years. I got my start in publishing with printing phone books. I got started with this company. I came to Pahrump and was unhappy with the business climate here. I actually did guides like the one I am doing now in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and took them to the oil companies there. They were very successful there. The entertainment guide there was always off the shelf. I am now doing one in Lake Havasu. I want to start one in Arizona and one in Nevada.”

Personal: “When I relax, I like to go fishing and to golf.”

First job: “My first job was waiting tables in a restaurant.”

Business Climate: “I have learned from mistakes that I have seen others make in marketing. I have learned a lot over the years, for this is not my first dog-and-pony show. I am self-taught in this business and I don’t have high overhead.”

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