Business profile: Stefanie Fayard

Stefanie Fayard

Fayard Handmade Crafts

Age: 29

Background: “My mother and grandmother both taught me how to crochet some 21 years ago. I made a business out of what I like to do, which is crochet. I do portraits or pictures in thread through crochet. I can do custom pictures too. I got started in this when I was in college majoring in art studio and for a project I did a poem on a dress. I can basically do any picture in thread. I also teach knitting and crochet.”

Personal: “I love to crochet to relax. I love it to death and will do it as long as my hands hold out.”

Business climate: “I don’t get much business. It is a hobby that I have turned into a business. The largest project that I worked on is a blanket for a full-sized bed. It takes me about two weeks to do a single portrait. For a whole family, it would take me about four months. It is a challenge to me to see what kind of pictures I can make from string.”

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