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COPS: Man flees accident because he’s scared — and buzzed

Police arrested a man on June 25 after he left the scene of a car accident.

Tyrus Edward Everett told police that after he caused an accident with his black Corvette, near Blagg Road and Comstock Avenue, he fled the scene out of fear.

The driver of the vehicle Everett allegedly hit, however, followed the man to Potro Drive and Bourbon Street, where police showed up after the accident.

Deputies noted that Everett appeared intoxicated. The suspect even admitted to guzzling a 32 ounce beer a half-hour prior to the accident. Failing field sobriety tests — one test Everett said he couldn’t finish even if sober — the suspect was arrested and taken to the Nye County Detention Center. He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident with other charges pending, according to a police report in the matter.

COPS: SWAT teams execute search warrants on neighbors

On June 27, two tactical teams with the Nye County Sheriff’s Office served search warrants on domiciles along West Wilson Road. Four people were arrested during the SWAT raids, including a father and son accused of drug crimes.

According to police reports in the matter, Joseph Tarragano Sr. and Joseph Tarragano Jr. were arrested after deputies located a number of items related to using methamphetimine in their respective bedrooms as well as inside a shared bathroom. Asked when and with whom the two men last used meth, they indicated it was with each other shortly before the raid.

Both men were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and taken to the Nye County Detention Center, where further charges were pending.

In a neighboring apartment, a man and woman named Donald Payne and Brittney L. White also had their home searched for drugs. During the search, police discovered a number of items, including syringes, baggies, a metal spoon with meth residue on it, several glass pipes, multiple pill bottles, 20 unknown pills and some marijuana.

Both Payne and White were arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, with other charges pending, according to the reports. Both were booked into the local detention center.

COPS: Man makes trouble for police, lands in jail

A man accused Nye County Sheriff’s deputies of stealing his bike and cell phone on June 28 after police responded to a call for assistance from the man.

Seth Holtwick launched into a tirade once officers arrived at his 300 S. Highway 160 location, accusing the deputies of selling cocaine to children and being generally a crooked lot.

Deputies listened to Holtwick’s ramblings for a few minutes before sending the man on his way and leaving the area for another call for service.

Less than an hour later, deputies responded to a call at Basin Avenue and Highway 160, where they found Holtwick lying down inside a concrete median. Nearby pedestrians told police the man had been throwing objects at passing cars. Confronted, Holtwick told the deputies he was planning to make trouble for them all night.

The man then suddenly stood upright and walked to a few bags he was seen carrying with him. Deputies told him to leave the bags alone, but Holtwick refused. The suspect was escorted to the ground where he resisted attempts to be handcuffed.

Police took the uncooperative suspect to the local detention center afterward on a parole and probation violation. A report on the matter suggests more charges are pending.

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