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Pahrump man arrested for attempted murder among other charges

A Pahrump man was arrested Saturday and charged with five preliminary counts, including attempted murder.

Deuel Brock was taken into custody by the Nye County Sheriff’s Office after he allegedly fired a gun in the direction of his neighbors. Brock was charged with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, discharging a weapon where others might be and two counts of criminal contempt as result of the incident, police said.

Deputies were dispatched to the 4800 block of Laute Drive referencing shots fired and pulled up to the scene, making contact with the caller.

The victim stated that when he arrived home from work that Brock, his neighbor, began to shout at him from behind his property. The victim stated that he ignored Brock and overheard him saying he was going to go into the desert.

The victim began to unload his truck and then heard a gunshot come from the back of the property and a window shattering, according to the police report. When asked if he or his girlfriend knew who shot at them, they stated that they weren’t sure.

When asked if the shot came from the house behind his property, the victim said no, because he thought that Brock had left. The deputy led the victim inside his home to make sure all of his firearms were accounted for and then guided him back outside.

Upon returning outside, deputies cleared the rear of the residence. The two deputies then checked on Brock’s home where they knocked on the door and looked around but could not tell if anyone was located inside.

One deputy made his way to the front of Brock’s property when he heard the other deputy say, “put the gun down and put up your hands.”

The deputy ran back to the back of the property and saw that deputies had made their way inside of the home.

The deputy found the other deputies in the back east corner of the home with their guns drawn, pointing at Brock, who was the bathtub with a .22 rifle pointed under his chin.

Brock mentioned that he wanted to be with his daughter, who had recently passed away.

After about 20 minutes, deputies were able to coax Brock out of the bathtub and have him take the gun away from his chin.

When deputies got Brock outside they asked if he had shot at his neighbor and acquaintance and he said that he did, but didn’t mean to. He said that he fired the weapon because he was trying to get his girlfriend to “shut up,” because she was always fighting with the neighbor.

Brock was treated for an abrasion on his right hand on the scene then transported to Desert View Hospital for evaluation.

Deputies were unable to find the bullet fragment from Brock’s gun, which they took into evidence, but took photographs of the scene.

Brock is being held without bail for the five preliminary charges at the Nye County Detention Center.

Man arrested on several counts relating to drug incident

A Pahrump man was arrested Sunday and charged with several preliminary counts resulting from the suspect using narcotics.

Anthony Gray was taken into custody and charged with five preliminary counts including being under the influence of a controlled substance, use of another person’s identification, possession/use of a Medicaid card without authorization, possession of drug paraphernalia and parole violation, according to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office.

A sheriff’s deputy arrived at a residence on the 500 block of Tioga Circle, with dispatch telling the deputy that he was to assist Gray in obtaining his belongings from the residence.

Upon arriving, the responding deputy made contact with Gray, who told the officer that he was having a verbal confrontation with his wife and that his wallet was in the bedroom with her.

The deputy stated that he noticed Gray was jittery and he was very confused, according to police.

When the deputy arrived in the bedroom with Gray he made contact with his wife and she stated that she did not have his wallet and that he was “high,” possibly on cocaine.

Gray’s wife stated that she threw his pipe away in the trash can in the room. The deputy then found a white sunglass case with two small clear pipes housed inside, the arrest report stated. The deputy recognized the pipes as paraphernalia often used to smoke methamphetamines.

The deputy questioned Gray if he had used methamphetamines today and he said that he had. Gray told the officer that he uses methamphetamines to deal with his back pain and post-traumatic stress disorder and claimed the case with pipes found inside was his.

When asked for identification, Gray presented the deputy with a pink wallet, containing a woman’s Nevada identification card and another person’s Medicaid card. Gray said that he obtained the wallet and cards from a woman who “ripped a guy off and this guy gave me them.”

Gray couldn’t remember the name of the guy who gave him the cards and was subsequently arrested on the five preliminary charges and transported to the Nye County Detention Center.

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