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Man arrested after shooting hawk with shotgun

A Pahrump resident was arrested after allegedly shooting a hawk near his home.

Sylvester Bowers was taken into custody by the Nye County Sheriff’s Office on April 22 and charged with discharging a gun in a public place and discharging a gun where a person may be injured after he allegedly shot a hawk for attacking his dog.

Police were contacted about a man shooting a hawk with a shotgun on the 1700 block of Las Casitas Street. The reporting party explained that after the hawk was shot, a white truck with two men inside drove up and placed the hawk into the back of the vehicle.

The reporting party then followed the truck to the area of Carberry and Pahrump Valley Boulevard then called the sheriff’s office.

Police then conducted a traffic stop on the white truck and discovered the hawk, who was injured, in the back of the truck. The responding officer called animal control to pick up the injured hawk.

Bowers was questioned about the incident and he admitted to shooting at a group of hawks because they were attacking his dog.

Bowers was arrested and transported to the Nye County Detention Center on the pair of charges without incident. His bail was set at $3,774.

Pahrump man arrested after allegedly assaulting sheriff’s deputy

A Pahrump man was arrested last week after a traffic stop led to the suspect allegedly attacking a sheriff’s deputy.

Emil Gehart was taken into custody by the Nye County Sheriff’s Office on April 30 and charged with preliminary counts of battery on a protected person, obstruction and resisting arrest after he allegedly hit an officer several times after he was pulled over for a minor traffic infraction.

A sheriff’s deputy pulled over Gehart and his wife for not having a license plate light on their Volkswagen Beetle, police said.

As the responding officer explained to Gehart’s wife why he pulled her over, he exited the vehicle, ignoring several warnings to get back in the car, according to law enforcement.

Gehart approached the deputy in a threatening manner, according to the arrest report and said some expletives to the officer. Gehart then began allegedly pushing the officer in the chest telling him he’s not taking him to jail again, police said.

The officer requested backup and attempted to place Gehart in handcuffs after he sat back down in the vehicle. After getting one restraint on Gehart’s right wrist, he began punching the deputy in the face, arm and chest area with his left hand.

Gehart’s wife then began screaming that he has a heart condition and to not hit him or he would die, police said.

Despite the claim, Gehart continued to resist arrest and attempted to bite the officer, police said. At that time the deputy told dispatch to expedite his backup request.

Another officer arrived on the scene and worked together to pull Gehart from the vehicle, place him on the ground on his stomach and attempt to place handcuffs on him. Gehart placed his one free hand into the waist of his pants and also turned over on his back with his hands underneath him to avoid being cuffed, police said.

After two other deputies arrived on the scene they were finally able get both of Gehart’s hands in restraints.

He continued to resist arrest once handcuffed by refusing to get into a patrol car, and when they eventually got him into the car, he fell to the floor of the vehicle so he could not get seatbelted into the vehicle.

After being forced into a seatbelt, Gehart was transported to Nye County Detention Center without further incident and booked on the above charges.

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