Delayed Manse Road paving to begin this Tuesday

Repaving is set to begin on the three-mile stretch of Manse Road between Homestead and Hafen Ranch roads.

Tuesday is the new planned start date for the repaving, as the original Feb. 25 date came and went with no paving taking place.

The over $1.8 million project being carried out by Wulfenstein Construction Company, started in early October 2014 and was originally scheduled to take around three months to complete.

Public Works Director Dave Fanning said a few unforeseen delays in digging out the almost 17,000-foot long project extended the deadline.

“It took us awhile to dig it out and we had several weather delays in the project,” Fanning said. “We just got hit by one again right before paving.”

The finish line is in sight as the repaving schedule has been updated and, according to Fanning, should be finished within the next month.

“As long as the rain holds off, we’re going to start paving on the third and it’s about a 15-to 20-day paving job,” Fanning said. “So, it should take them about 15 days to pave it, then we’ll have to stripe it and do some bicycle markings and do all the pavement markings.

“So we should be completed and shouldered by the end of March now.”

Traffic delays in the area will continue and a 15 mph speed limit is still in place throughout the work zone.

A machine called an asphalt zipper ground up the old asphalt so it can be reused for the base of the new pavement. The road will be widened from 12 feet to 19 feet, allowing for the bike lanes on both sides.

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