Deli and store open, Wings n Things under new management

Once again there’s a shift in the air when it comes to doing business in Pahrump.

Just last week, a business that’s been closed for almost a year, re-opened on the north end of town. What used to be the Country Express, a combination sandwich shop and convenience store, has been remodeled, wears a fresh coat of paint and has opened with a to-order deli with indoor and outdoor seating.

New owners Heather and Erica Tomkowiak purchased the location at 5581 N. Highway 160 at Country Place Road, in July 2013 but Heather said it took the sisters this long to get through the licensing process and the remodel. The business has a new name as well. Stuff’d Deli is mainly in reference to the the Stuff’d Plate which features two hot dogs or an Italian sausage with two sides.

The sisters make their own coleslaw, pasta and potato salads. They also offer French fries and onion rings as well.

The new deli case holds meats and cheeses to make sandwiches, but the owners plan to add ingredients by the pound once the business becomes established.

“We want to start slow,” Heather said. She may want to start slow, but said business has been very steady since the doors opened March 15.

The ladies have been busy with breakfast sandwiches and pizza among other homemade goodies and Heather said the hot pastrami is her best seller.

Heather said the deli has already catered three local events and although she isn’t advertising catering, she is willing to discuss it.

The space is still a convenience store and video gaming is coming in July if all goes well.

The grand opening is set for April 12, when the business will offer New York-style hot dogs for $2 and along with the food comes a raffle ticket for a 24-inch flat-screen TV. Additional raffle tickets will be $1.

The convenience store hours are from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday. It will open at 8 a.m. and will close at 6 p.m. on Sunday.

The deli hours are from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

You can call in an order to 537-6002, fax it to 537-6003 or order online at

Another shift has taken place at 1301 S. Loop Road. What used to be Keoki’s Wings n Things is now PV Wings n Things and it is under new management. The kitchen staff is the same but experienced wait staff has been put into place, the bartenders are professional and some changes have been made to the menu.

Heath Campbell, owner of the former Heath’s Laff Factory, has attended bartending school and Julie is back. Nick Moore, part-owner of Wings n Things said another of his staff is due to graduate bartending school as well.

Moore said he is managing the restaurant and bar at the moment, however, he said he has a staff member he feels is perfect for the job. “I hope to have the deal worked out by this afternoon,” Moore said on Monday. Moore has two other businesses to run and needs to put management in capable hands.

The restaurant and bar now have two silent partners plus Ron Chase and Moore.

Moore said the changeover had the restaurant closed for a day and a half while “we got our ducks in a row.” He said the restaurant had been having issues with one of its food service suppliers and has eliminated hand-cut French fries from the menu.

“You have no idea how disheartening it is to have people I know call and tell me they didn’t like something and I heard a lot about the French fries. I only had one supplier for the Kennebec potatoes needed for the fries and when the supplier was out, I would sometimes go weeks having to use something else.”

Moore said other potatoes absorb too much of the oil and come out limp and greasy. “We’ve fixed that problem by going to a frozen crinkle-cut fry with our own special seasoning.”

He said the restaurant still offers salads but now they can be turned into wraps. The kids’ menu is a little different and another change will thrill those who remember the old Archie’s Pahrump Burger.

Moore said, “We’d all get to talking food and a lot of people missed that particular burger. I grew up with it and so did a lot of others.” He said getting it on the menu was a simple phone call to Archie’s owner Leo Verzilli. “All I had to do was ask,” Moore said.

The Pahrump Burger is two patties on a hoagie roll with a special Thousand Island dressing, lettuce and tomato. “There was no other burger like it when I was growing up,” Moore said. “And now it’s at Wings n Things.”

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