Developer will shoulder sidewalk repairs caused by utilities if necessary

Possible taxpayer burden due to the near certainty of utility infrastructure failure in the county’s right-of-way was addressed at a meeting of the Pahrump Regional Planning Commission on Jan. 14.

The subject was broached by a special condition placed on the approval of a tentative subdivision in the Mountain Falls Planning Area, and that any utility box be placed within the utility easement rather than the county’s right-of-way.

County Engineering Technician Tim Dahl said the recommendation for the special condition came from the county’s consultant to eliminate unnecessary taxpayer burden to pay for sidewalk repairs following private utility infrastructure repair. Phone, cable and utility companies do not want to pay for sidewalk repairs, as part of the county right-of-way, following infrastructure repair and the burden unfairly gets shifted to the public, Dahl said.

Greg Moynahan, representing developer William Lyons Homes, balked at the condition. “There is no way to install utilities anywhere other than in the Nye County right-of-way,” he said. The condition is contradictory, he claimed. Commission member Gregory Hafen agreed citing county policy that all metered water and electrical boxes are to be placed in the county right-of-way.

Moynahan opined that Utilities, Inc. of Central Nevada would be the company affected by the special condition.

“This is an issue between the county and Utilities, Inc.,” he said, “And this is not the forum to bring that up.” Rather he suggested, the issue should be dealt with at final mapping approval. “If the county has issues with the utility company, call us and William Lyons Homes will repair it at our own cost.”

In other business:

• Approval of a conditional use permit for a 17-acre recreational vehicle park was granted to American Eagle RV &Resorts at 600 S. Leslie Street. Rejected by the county was the applicant’s request for the construction of nursing home or senior care facility and an Alzheimer patient care facility at the location. Non-harmonious use with the existing low-density residential character of the area as well as insufficient infrastructure were cited as reasons for denial.

• Approval of a zone change application for a special project overlay zone for renewable energy project in a village residential zone was granted to Dan Harris of Harris Ltd. for property located at 2371 E. Simkins Rd. The proposal includes a 17.28-megawatt solar generating facility which the county determined would not deplete natural resources or have an adverse impact on public facilities at public expense. The Nye County Board of County Commissioners will take final action on this project on Feb. 18.

• The commission approved the designation of “Laurel Lane” and “Glory Vine Lane” within the Mountain Falls Planning District.

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