Former PVHS teacher performs comedy

Former Nye County school teacher Byron Wayne Cork has an entirely different career.

Cork, who is now a comedian, adopted the name, Byron Wayne.

On Saturday, Wayne is scheduled to perform his comedy routine, Byron Wayne’s Uncensored Comedy and Dinner Show at Mountain Falls beginning at 8 p.m.

Wayne is not your typical stand-up comedian.

He broke his neck and injured his spinal cord following a car accident in Pahrump 27 years ago.

Though he has since recovered, he remains wheelchair-dependent.

He said this week that he’s still uncertain what attracted him to comedy.

“I’m not exactly sure how I got into comedy, but I started about 20 years ago just writing skits that I thought would be great for shows like Saturday Night Live or something like that,” he said. “I never turned them in or submitted them to anyone.”

Roughly eight years ago, Wayne asked several of his co-workers whether they were interested in hearing some of his routines.

Though his offer was quickly rebuffed, he was not deterred.

“I started writing down more material about three years ago, and got brave enough to give it a try,” he said. “The very first time I performed was May 2nd 2013, at Money Plays in Las Vegas, when they had an open mic night.”

Wayne will not be the sole comedian on Saturday.

Ironically, he’ll be joined by a former Pahrump Valley High School student.

Comedian Tyler Jolley graduated with the class of 2002.

“He’s been doing comedy much longer than I have,” Wayne said. “He has opened for quite a few well-known comedians,” he said. “I knew of him when I was a teacher, but I never had him in my class.”

Headlining the show is the popular disc jockey from KOMP 92.3 FM, Brandon “Gooch” Hahn.

Wayne has released two DVD’s of his comedy, respectively entitled, I am a School Teacher and Support We’d.

The performances were shot during open mic nights in Las Vegas.

He noted those who attend Saturday’s show must be at least 18-years-old.

“I am very excited about the Mountain Falls Banquet rooms, they should make a really great venue,” he said. “The doors open at 7 p.m., in case you want to have dinner before the show, instead of dinner during the show. Sometimes laughter and eating doesn’t go well together.”

Wayne’s comedy shows are scheduled for every fifth Saturday night. November 12 and December 17 are the scheduled dates of the next shows.

Mountain Falls is located at 5001 Clubhouse Dr.

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