Group of fun-loving ladies meet for unorthodox Kentucky Derby celebration

The group, consisting of 15 members, met at Irene’s Casino on Saturday to celebrate the Kentucky Derby, followed by observing Mother’s Day on Sunday.

They call themselves the Unclub and they meet roughly twice a week at various locations in town.

The bevy, at the direction of leader Karen McCoy, decided to do something creative this year, as they all made Kentucky Derby-style headwear to welcome in what’s considered the most exciting two minutes in sports.

“We began this by getting together once a month and coloring in our coloring books and just chit-chatting,” McCoy said. “We decided on doing that instead of the coloring books. We then decided to make Kentucky Derby hats out of foil and of course it will protect us from anything coming out of Area 51.”

Each hat speaks to the individual personality of the group members.

Some hats are fashioned with tassels or feathers, while some have netting and other materials.

McCoy said it’s just a way for the group to express themselves.

“We have all made our own version of hats. I happen to have a tassel hanging off mine and a piece of old drapery, along with some feathers. Some of the gals put netting on theirs but they’re all made with tin foil.

“This was my own wackadoodle idea, and this was very exciting and a lot of fun for everyone,” she said. “We are such a diverse group and I would like to see us make this an annual event to coincide with the Kentucky Derby.”

Member Dee Hansen said the group of women came together as result of their husband’s fondness of auto racing.

“When our husbands are watching NASCAR or anything like that, we all get together and meet up,” she said. “We meet at different places around town, while sometimes we meet at a friend’s house. We also meet for dinner on Friday nights at local restaurants.”

Member Jacquie Jensen recalled the group was hanging out at her home when the idea first came about.

“We were having our regular coloring book get-together and we decided that we wanted to dress up for the Kentucky Derby and make hats,” she said. “Karen came up with the idea of using tin foil and decorating the hats. We just all sat down and did it and we all came up with different ideas. We also jokingly say it will repel anything out of Area 51.”

McCoy meanwhile, spoke about her pick to win the Kentucky Derby, only to learn her horse, Gunrunner, was bested by derby winner Nyquist.

“We had our own little pool going with the Kentucky Derby where we offered up wagers on the race,” she said.

Additionally, McCoy said the group came up with another, somewhat risqué nickname recently.

“This is what we call an NPG, which stands for the ‘no penis gang,’” she said with a laugh. “Of course, it’s not meant in a nasty way. We are just all involved in something and have our hobbies. It’s great because everybody has something to offer, and we all love to help each other out.”

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