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Hof wants Kardashian to pay for Odom’s $75,000 bill

Lamar Odom racked up a hefty bill while spending time at the Love Ranch South and with Odom's credit card company refusing to pay, brothel owner Dennis Hof has an idea to get the bill paid.

Hof explained that he thinks Odom's estranged wife, reality star Khloe Kardashian, should pony up the money to take care of the $75,000 Odom spent before having an alleged overdose incident on Oct.13 that has left him hospitalized ever since.

"He paid with his credit card but then I got a call from Boulevard Management asking all these questions, 'What were these charges for?' and such," Hof said in a statement. "So, in my mind, are they trying to find a way to not pay the bill? If he doesn't, I'm going after Khloe and her husband."

Hof took it further and explained that he thinks any faithful partner would pay up for their partner's time spent at one of his establishments.

"A good wife would pay her husband's bill," he said.

Although Hof wouldn't comment on if Odom had been to one of his brothels before, after the incident took place, he now alleges that Odom has been to his brothels before and that Kardashian has paid for those visits in the past.

"She (Kardashian) used to write Odom's checks for previous visits to the Cathouse - a.k.a. the Moonlite Bunny Ranch," he said. "They need to do the honorable thing."

Anther development in the case that has come to light is that Odom may have been given drugs by prostitutes at the Love Ranch and that one hooker may have even helped administer them to the former NBA champion.

Misty Jones, former shift manager at the Love Ranch South, who is the woman who called 911 initially when Odom was found unconscious, told Deanna O'Donnell of News 46 that prostitute Ryder Cherry used a needle to assist in Odom's drug use while at the ranch.

"She had gotten someone to bring the drugs to her so that they could get high," Jones said. "She (Cherry) injected him (Odom) with cocaine and heroin, which is called a speedball.

"She admitted to that."

Jones said that Ryder Cherry is a known drug user and that everyone at the brothel was aware of that.

As Hof learned of the incident, Jones said that the brothel owner gave her specific instructions to carry out before law enforcement showed up to the scene.

"If there is any drugs in that room, make sure you get rid of them before the cops get there," Jones said.

Jones explained that she herself didn't remove anything from the room that Odom was found in, but someone else did, stating, "Somebody got rid of something."

T.J., general manager of the Love Ranch, was planning on divulging the information to police initially, but after Hof arrived on the scene she had decided otherwise.

"The next day after Dennis (Hof) got there, everything changed," Jones said. "She wanted to do the right thing from the beginning, but Dennis wouldn't let her."

Hof responded to Jones' claims and said she is speaking up now because he let her go for attendance matters.

"She wasn't saying anything like this before, but now all of a sudden she wants to talk?" Hof said. "I let her go after she failed to come into work for several days."

Hof went on to defend the claims that drugs were used in his brothel, and if it did, he wasn't aware of it.

"I can't control what they do, all I know is that I don't allow that stuff in any of my brothels," Hof said.

Lastly, Hof also denied that he instructed anyone to destroy and get rid of possible evidence stating, "that's bullshit."

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