Huge voter turnout in Nevada delays election results

The 2018 election cycle is finally over and many will be breathing sighs of relief, including political hopefuls who scored a win and voters who were more than ready to see the conclusion of all the election madness.

An unusually high amount of attention was focused on the mid-terms this year, bringing out voters in force all over Nevada, as well as America. In fact, the massive, and in some cases record-breaking, turnout had voters still casting their ballots well after the lines at the polling places were closed, resulting in later than usual reporting across the state.

In Nevada, there were several races of keen interest to constituents, including those for governor, U.S. Senate and Congress. For Nye County voters, it was the Nevada Assembly District 36 battle that was perhaps of most concern, pitting Republicans and Democrats against each other in a fight to the finish.

The Assembly District 36 post was sought by Republican nominee Dennis Hof, who ousted incumbent James Oscarson in the primary election. Hof was prepared to square off with Democrat Lesia Romanov in the general but his sudden death put an end to his political aspirations. However, Hof’s name remained on the ballot and Republicans were urging voters to cast their ballot for Hof, so that a Republican would be appointed to serve out the two-year term. If Hof secured the win, the appointment of whoever will fill his seat will be in the hands of the Nye, Clark and Lincoln county commissions, the three counties that make up District 36.

As of late Tuesday night, results from the state and federal races in Nevada were not available, with no reporting on the secretary of state’s elections website due to the fact that constituents in Clark and Washoe counties were still waiting to vote.

Nye County absentee, mail-in and early voting results

There were many other partisan races for Nye County voters to consider this year, including those for Nye County clerk, recorder, treasurer and assessor, as well as Nye County District Attorney and Nye County Commission District 4. As of deadline, the absentee, mail-in and early voting results were the only ones available.

Seeking the clerk’s office were incumbent Republican Sandra “Sam” Merlino and Independent American Party candidate Sheila Winn. By press deadline, the results of their race looked to be solidly on Merlino’s side with 9,075 votes to Winn’s 2,987.

It was Republican versus Independent American in the races for recorder, treasurer and assessor as well. Deborah Beatty was the incumbent Republican facing Independent American Michael Noyes in the pursuit of the recorder’s post and she too held a commanding lead with 9,246 votes compared to Noyes’ 2,741.

Nye County IAP Chairman Andy Alberti challenged incumbent Republican Sheree Stringer for the seat of assessor. Alberti’s totals stood at 2,966 votes by press deadline while Stringer was showing several thousand over him at 9,116.

The seat of Nye County treasurer was originally being sought by Republican nominee Pam Webster, who triumphed in the primary election before deciding to resign from the post in September, citing her husband’s health issues. Webster’s name, much like Hof’s, remained on the ballot by law. Going against her in the general was IAP candidate Lance Roy Schaus. By deadline, Webster was well in the lead with 8,415 votes to Schaus’ 3,236. If that trend held true and Webster did win, the post will be filled by appointment by the Nye County Commission.

Republican Leo Blundo and Democrat Richard Goldstein were pitted against one another in the general election, both seeking the seat of Nye County Commission District 4. Blundo had racked up 1,838 votes by press time and looked to be heading toward a win with opponent Goldstein trailing at 859 votes.

As for the Nye County DA’s race, Republican Chris Arabia and Democrat Nicholas Del Vecchio faced off and Arabia appeared to have the win in hand. Results as of deadline showed Arabia at 8,745 votes to Del Vecchio’s 3,521.

On the nonpartisan side of the Nye County elections, both Nye County sheriff and Pahrump justice of the peace were on the ballot. Incumbent Sharon Wehrly was facing a strong challenge from former Nye County Sheriff Tony DeMeo while former Nye County Commissioner Frank Carbone vied with attorney Lisa Chamlee for the justice of the peace seat. Wehrly was ahead of DeMeo with 6,317 votes cast in her favor and 5,731 in DeMeo’s. Chamlee was leading Carbone 6,570 to 4,148.

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