Middle school celebrates end of academic year in Pahrump

Pahrump Valley High School may have its traditions with graduation and pomp and circumstance, but Rosemary Clarke Middle School also has a unique way of saying goodbye to its eighth-grade students and celebrating student achievement in general.

The last week of school starts off with a celebration of student achievement, where those students that don’t have any truancies, or Fs and don’t owe any lunch money or library fines, get to go to Nevada Treasure RV Park. At Nevada Treasure, they can swim, bowl, see a movie, listen to a DJ and eat barbecue.

The week then culminates in an awards ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the school awards three brand new bicycles to students who have perfect attendance. The three winners were sixth-grader AJ McGarvey, seventh-grader Alyssa Holmes and eighth-grader Nickey Velazquez.

At the end of the school year, the school reports, about 80 students have perfect attendance.

“They put all the names who have perfect attendance into a hat and pick a winner,” McGarvey said. “I am not used to this, for I never win anything.”

Holmes agreed. “I never win anything, but I guess I am lucky today,” she said.

Finally, after the ceremony, the entire student body and faculty lines the entrance of the school and the eighth graders walk through the gate for the last time.

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