Nevada crackdown nets nearly 500 traffic stops

Numbers are in from a recent statewide traffic-safety crackdown, the Nevada Highway Patrol announced. From April 1 through April 15, Nevada Highway Patrol troopers initiated 494 traffic stops resulting in 568 citations issued and two DUI drivers arrested.

“While Nevada law enforcement continues to conduct traffic stops on a daily basis for a multitude of violations, the focus of those two weeks was distracted driving,” the NHP said in a statement May 2.

The breakdown of citations included:

■ Cell phone, 197

■ Speed, 163

■ Registration violation, 44

■ Driver license violation, 28

■ Seat belt, 25

■ No proof of insurance, 21

■ Failure to yield, 8

■ Fugitive arrests, 4

■ Equipment violation, 3

■ Red light running, 3

■ Suspended driver license, 2

■ Driver violations to pedestrians, 2

■ Other distracted driving, 2

■ Felony arrest, 1

■ All other citations, 32

“The Nevada Highway Patrol is reminding motorists that anything which takes your attention off of the road is distracted driving,” the NHP said. “While the fines associated with a distracted driving citation are expensive, the damage that can be caused by a driver that is distracted can last a lifetime.”

In a new effort, law enforcement agencies statewide are joining forces and focusing on distracted drivers through May 14, the NHP said.

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