New address for Pahrump’s Verizon store

After 15 years of operating in the same location, Pahrump’s Verizon store has moved to a new location, roughly a few hundred yards from its former location, which was just across from the Bob Ruud Community Center on Highway 160.

As such, Mitchell Muna, district sales manager for Nevada, hosted a special grand opening on Saturday, July 14.

“Things have been great today and we’ve had a great response from the community and customers coming into the store,” he said. “They are really enjoying the new layout with more seating and new look. This is a relocation of our Verizon store in the strip mall here. The customers that I have spoken to really enjoy this new location.”

During Saturday’s event, Muna spoke to customers about some of the products and services the business offers to smartphone users.

One such product is called Redux.

“It basically dries out any kind of device that has gotten wet and that includes laptops as well as phones,” he said. “Essentially, as long as you haven’t tried to charge the device, we will be able to dry it out for you. We also have our new unlimited plan that is out right now. There are three different options you can choose from for our new mix-and-match deal.”

As free pizza and giveaways were also part of Saturday’s grand opening, Muna said the company is excited to continue serving residents in the Pahrump community.

“We have invested a lot of money to provide this experience to our customers in our new location,” Muna said. “We just wanted to relocate our store where we can provide more to our customers. We also want to make sure that we are taking care of our customers in the community of Pahrump. We really value our customers in Pahrump and want to continue to serve them and provide them with a better experience. We have much more seating for people to sit down and relax and learn about the new technologies as well as what Verizon is offering.”

Additionally, Muna said the store has at least two openings for those seeking employment.

The physical address of the new Verizon location is 250 S. Highway 160, between Walmart and Albertsons.

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