New ATM installation at Bank of America in Pahrump

The Bank of America in Pahrump got an upgrade on its ATM. The newly built drive-thru area is set to bring local bank customers more convenience, services and more security.

The new machine was installed at the local branch at 750 S. Highway 160 at the end of July.

“The old ATM was removed and a new ATM installed (approx. four hours to swap out) with upgraded capabilities with greater security benefits (anti-skim/anti-card trapping), processor speed for faster transactions, and larger touchscreens,” said Colleen Haggerty, senior vice president, media relations, Bank of America.

She made her comments and provided additional information in following up to a recent Pahrump Valley Times story on the upgrades.

The new ATM also allows customers to perform more types of transactions, including “cashing checks, choosing their preferred mix of bills when withdrawing cash and making credit card payments.”

Some of the work to install the new ATM was done by a local electrician, Royce Avena of Avena &Sons Electric, LLC.

A San Diego, California-based firm, Withers Inc., also had crewmen working on the new ATM. That company worked on fabricating the new drive-thru area for the unit.

The drive-thru ATM is currently open for use.

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