Nye County Veterans Banner Program accepting applications

Updated February 14, 2018 - 3:12 pm

Nye County is engaged in a project to honor and show recognition for the local men and women who have given of themselves by serving in the United States military and residents are encouraged to put forward their names and the names of their loved ones for the Veterans Banner Program.

The concept involves a community display in the form of large banners which will feature the names and faces of veterans and those currently serving America in the armed forces. The banners, reported to be four feet wide and six feet tall, will be placed on light poles lining the Calvada Eye.

In October 2017, the Nye County Commission granted approval for the purchase of 20 double-sided banners at $200 each, allowing 38 spots for military members and two featuring a phrase such as “Nye County honors its heroes.” The monies were allocated out of the county’s Veterans Services Fund.

The initial application period for the program opened shortly after the green light was given and was set to end in December 2017. However, there are still more than a dozen banner spaces available and the application period has been extended. Residents now have until April 17 to hand in their applications.

The process is simple, requiring only basic information be turned in to Nye County for consideration. As the Veterans Banner Program aims to highlight the residents who served to the fullest, photographs are also essential. Although the program originally sought photos of veterans during their service, Waters stated that those without pictures of themselves from when they served can still put in an application.

“For veterans, we would like a photo of them in their uniform, during their service but that is not absolutely necessary,” Veterans Finance Committee Chairman Dr. Tom Waters explained. “We do have some that do not have uniforms and I understand that. But they can have a photo of themselves taken wearing whatever they have, a hat that says their branch or commemorates their service, any regalia they might still have.”

The banners themselves are planned to hang around the Calvada Eye for three years until the warranty on them has expired. After that time, another application period is expected to open and a new round of banners displayed.

For those who are interested in seeing exactly what the banners will look like, they do not have much longer to wait. “The county has selected about 20 people so far and in the next couple of weeks, we should have the first banners going up,” Waters said with excitement. “So people can watch for that!” Once they are erected, the banners will be visible by those traveling on Calvada Blvd. around the Calvada Eye.

Applications for the Veterans Banner Program can be obtained at the Nye County Administration Office at 2100 E. Walt Williams Drive in Pahrump.

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