Oscarson and Hof battle heating up in Nevada Assembly contest

The 2018 election season is starting to heat up and opponents James Oscarson and Dennis Hof, both Republicans seeking the Nevada Assembly District 36 seat, have hosted campaign kick-off events in Pahrump where thousands of their potential voters reside.

Each event was well-attended, with hundreds of residents out to show support to the one they feel will best represent the people. Oscarson and Hof may not agree on much in this tense fight for the office but they concurred on one thing. Both showed confidence that they believe they have the backing necessary to see their way through the primary election and emerge successful.

With a field of support already forming for each, the battle between the two is beginning to get fierce, with all of the political mudslinging that such contentious elections tend to inspire. Oscarson and Hof have both taken the offensive in a variety of public venues, including radio, Internet, email and social media, hurling accusations and attacking each other’s character.

The primary election is June 12.

Unlike in 2016, when the two ran against each other in the general election with Hof registered as a Libertarian, Oscarson is no longer laser-focused on Hof’s status as a brothel owner, or “pimp” as much of Oscarson’s 2016 campaign material stressed. Now he is also drawing on reported code and law violations at Hof’s businesses, not just in Nye County but in Lyon County as well, using the hashtag “StopHof” to spread his message.

Hof, however, has not budged from his 2016 stance, still concentrating on the Republican principle of lower taxes and Oscarson’s voting record throughout the five years he has been in the Assembly. Hof contends that Oscarson was elected on a campaign promise to not raise taxes but broke his word, voting multiple times in favor of increased taxes or fees.

Earlier this month, Oscarson’s campaign manager, Laura Billman, issued a release outlining Oscarson’s call for Hof to withdraw from the race.

“Last week, Assembly District 36 candidate Dennis Hof was caught lying to voters and Nye County officials over the suspension of his brothel license,” the release declared, citing a letter sent by the Nye County Planning Department, which alleged that Hof and his associates had lied under oath to county officials.

“Dennis Hof’s ongoing saga has shed some light on the type of person he really is: troubled and untrustworthy,” Oscarson stated. “If he is willing to lie to voters and county officials for personal profit, what will he lie about in the state Assembly?”

Hof, on the other hand, has asserted that the statements made by Nye County constitute nothing more than a witch hunt, which he claims is cemented in political motivation. Hof has repeatedly stated that he feels the recent actions taken by Nye County against his business the Love Ranch, which include multiple inspections followed by the subsequent suspension of his brothel license, are merely because he has decided to run against Oscarson.

“In large part due to the passage of the largest tax hike in state history by the Nevada Legislature in 2015, which our Assemblyman, James Oscarson, voted for, along with 29 other tax and fee hikes, I announced in December 2016 that I was going to run against Mr. Oscarson in the 2018 Republican primary this June. And its been raining bureaucrats ever since!” Hof lamented in a campaign release.

Hof has also dubbed himself a “RINO Hunter” with the aim of removing “Republican in Name Only” Oscarson from office. Hof has likened his own campaign to that of President Donald Trump’s in 2016. As Trump has been known to do, Hof has also given his opponent a nickname, calling Oscarson “The Big Selloutski” due to Oscarson voting in favor of the Nevada Commerce Tax in 2015.

Other than “pimp,” Oscarson is not using any nicknames for his opponent. He is taking a less colorful route, leaning on his belief that Hof would simply be wrong for Nevada. Oscarson’s latest campaign release stated, “Dennis Hof would be a liability to Nevada and it is time for him to withdraw from the race.”

For more information on Oscarson’s campaign visit www.jamesoscarson.com For more information on Hof’s campaign visit www.dennishof.com

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