Pharmacy closes doors, owner goes to work for Walgreens

Pahrump Valley Pharmacy, located at the intersection of Pahrump Valley and Calvada boulevards closed suddenly. Its last day of business was Aug. 14.

The pharmacy, owned by Emanuel and Christina Sas, opened in April 2013, and was bought out by Walgreens Pharmacy in much the same way as Family Pharmacy on Highway 372. That business closed in February 2013.

Emanuel Sas said the deal with Walgreens “started the first part of July, so it’s taken about six weeks to close. They purchased the prescription files.”

After the close of business Thursday, Sas said, “All the patients’ prescription information was electronically transferred to Walgreens after we closed. Patients shouldn’t have any problems with getting their medications from them.”

He said early Friday morning the signs came down and a banner went up over the door telling customers where they could pick up their prescriptions. Two more signs were posted on the doors.

Friday was also the day Walgreens employees picked up what Sas referred to as “the inventory.”

His reasons for selling the business were “financial and other things.”

Sas bought a home and moved his wife and newborn baby here from Las Vegas shortly after the storefront opened in 2013. “I’m working 70 hours per week and my first child is over a year old now. I’ve never have time to spend with my family and my wife is expecting our second child in January.”

Sas has been working in the pharmacy environment for a long time and in all phases. “I worked for several of the large chain pharmacies. I worked for Savon here before it became CVS.”

Sas already has another job. He said, “I’m going to work as a staff pharmacist for Walgreens. I enjoyed serving the Pahrump community and to all my former customers, I hope to serve you at Walgreens.”

He will have to do something about the advertising signage on his car. Sas said the lettering was made of vinyl and could just be peeled off.

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