Remodeled health, rehabilitation center set for debut in Pahrump

Pahrump Health and Rehabilitation Center will open its remodeled facility on Thursday.

The facility at 4501 North Blagg Road in Pahrump will expand the number of beds from 60 to 120, said Inez Thayer, admissions and marketing director at the Pahrump Health and Rehabilitation Center.

“This will allow us to help many more families in our community. This means that 60 more families will no longer have to drive to Las Vegas to be with their loved ones when skilled nursing or long-term care is needed,” Thayer said.

Although the facility stayed open during the renovation, half of the building was closed to the public.

Pahrump Health and Rehab Center is the only nursing facility offering both in and outpatient care in Nye County. It specializes in physical, occupational, speech and behavioral therapies, as well as restorative nursing services and palliative care.

An open house will be held on Thursday from noon to 4 p.m. The public is invited to take a tour of the property.

For more information call: 775-751-6600.