Remote Area Medical arrives in Pahrump today

Free medical services from certified, trained professionals arrive in town beginning today.

Remote Area Medical (RAM) is a nonprofit medical care organization providing free vision, dental, and general medical services to individuals and families in communities throughout the U.S., and overseas.

Susan Holecheck, Pahrump’s Nathan Adelson Hospice director, assisted in bringing RAM into the community.

Holecheck said area residents in need of such services should take advantage of RAM’s outreach.

“The services include dental cleanings, fillings and even tooth extractions,” she said. “They will also offer free eye exams and tests for glaucoma and for diabetic retinopathy. Even eyeglasses will be made the same day and it’s all free of charge. General medical diagnosis will include breast exams, diabetes screenings, physicals, women’s health care and much more.”

Holecheck said the remote clinic will operate from the NyE Communities Coalition facility, beginning today at 6 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 1 through Sunday, Oct. 2.

Lines will begin forming at 3 a.m.

A portion of West Street entering the coalition will be closed to traffic.

“This is a great opportunity for those who do not have access to medical care because no appointments are necessary,” she said. “People can park behind Walmart, which will open at midnight. Lines will begin forming at 3 a.m., on each of the three days.”

Those in attendance will receive a number and will be seen on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Holecheck said individuals must be present to secure their number.

She stressed those attending should know there will be lines of people waiting to be examined.

“People should be aware that the wait can be a long one,” she said. “People wanting the services should bring along food, water and entertainment, like books or games.”

Participants will not be asked for proof of residency, insurance or income, as the program is open to anyone who needs the service.

Holecheck noted that those who seek the service cannot receive dental and vision services on the same day.

“They can receive free dental and general medical services on one day, and get vision and general medical on another day, but you cannot receive dental and vision on the same day,” she said. “They will be extracting teeth if necessary, as well as cleaning teeth. They will be doing breast exams and all kinds of general medical procedures.”

Additionally, she said the RAM program continually puts a strong emphasis on rural communities across the country.

The medical providers actually volunteer their time for the effort.

Holecheck also said several doctors in town have expressed an interest in providing their respective services.

“When we talk about volunteers, we hope that our own medical community will step up and volunteer,” she said. “I have already gotten a few doctors and nurses who have called me and said they want to volunteer.”

Holecheck said NyE Communities Coalition Executive Director Stacy Smith is overseeing the effort.

“I really think we have to thank people like Stacy Smith, who is just so important for our community and is involved in other communities,” Holecheck said. “I think Stacy volunteered at a RAM clinic at one time and that’s probably how we got our foot in the door here. So a big thanks goes out to Stacy.”

For additional information on the event, call the coalition at 775 727-9970.

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