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RPC bends codes to suit application

The Pahrump Regional Planning Commission again Wednesday showed a willingness to bend Nye County Code to accommodate applicants for zoning requests.

In April, Nye County commissioners adopted an RPC recommendation to change the grandfathered use section of the zoning ordinance. Grandfathered uses are those properties that are granted an exception from current zoning because their present use existed prior to the enactment of the zoning law. Owners of property grandfathered into the regulations can now apply that grandfathered status one time, to an adjacent property of the same size or less, if the total area doesn’t exceed five acres.

That was directed at a case involving Two Brothers Junk in Johnnie, where the owners wanted to expand their junkyard onto an adjacent parcel that wasn’t grandfathered.

On Wednesday, the RPC recommended county commissioners remove a requirement in the county code that an RV park be at least 10 acres to allow a convenience store.

This latest code change appears directed at an application by Rockingham Capital Nevada LLC for a conditional use permit to allow a 62-space RV park at 2810 W. Bell Vista Ave. and a request for a waiver from that 10-acre requirement. The RPC voted to grant the conditional use permit but not the waiver.

Former Nye County Commissioner Gary Hollis, now a private consultant, said a convenience store would be essential for RV park customers to buy supplies.

Rockingham Capital also wanted waivers from front, rear and side setback requirements and requested a density of 18 RV spaces per acre.

RPC member Bob King said there are several RV parks less than five acres that are grandfathered into existing regulations. Planner Steve Osborne said those non-conforming RV parks would need a conditional use permit to expand.

Osborne told county commission liaison Butch Borasky county code dictates how many parking spaces are allowed in RV parks.

Hollis said there would be an office and a TV room in the RV park, along with the convenience store which would provide guests with necessities.

RPC member John Koenig told Hollis, “this (agenda item) has really nothing to do with your application.”

County code allows one permanent caretaker’s dwelling, either site-built or manufactured, to be used as the business office.

The motion to approve the change in the code passed 4-3. RPC members Bruce Earl, Joe Goode Sr. and Jennifer McCall voted against.

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