RV park developer receives year extension

The developer of an approved RV park in Pahrump will have another year to begin the construction of the site after the delay was caused by financial difficulties.

Darrin Pappa, the agent for applicant, Jeffrey Gunter of Rockingham Capital Nevada, LLC, initially requested an additional three years for a conditional use permit to begin construction of a 62-space RV park on 5.6 acres at 2810 W. Bell Vista Ave. in Pahrump.

In a letter to the Pahrump Regional Planning Commission, Pappa said the project had been delayed “in part, due to the state of the economy” over the past three years and the difficulty the applicant had had in obtaining financing from a lending institution to fund the construction of the project.

“Additionally, NDEP has imposed very restrictive design criteria for septic systems for RV sites, which greatly affects the development of the project,” Pappa said in a letter.

Pappa said the applicant requires more time to review options and meet with “necessary” entities for solutions to those development-limiting restrictions.

It’s not clear when the construction is set to begin, but the applicant has approved a site development plan for the RV park, that is valid until Oct. 1, 2016. In addition, a dust permit has been issued for the site and necessary water rights are in the works.

The Nye County Planning Department said in the documents that an additional three years to begin construction “seems excessive and unnecessary, particularly in light of the fact that there is already an approved SDP.”

“We want to make sure that people are serious about the projects, (and) they do due diligence on the construction,” County Planning Department Director Darrell Lacy said.

Pahrump currently has 710 approved RV spaces that have not been constructed, according to the documents.

Some of the circumstances of the property have changed from the time of the original approval. The master plan now designates the future land use of the subject parcel as rural density residential (RDR). The zoning code has since been amended to require a minimum of 10 acres for RV parks, while the subject parcel is only 4.8 net acres.

The changes were done after the original approval of the conditional use permit.

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