Spring Mountain moves ahead on commercial, residential projects

The footprint of Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, which spans several hundred acres along Highway 160 at the south end of town, has had a year of growth, with more planned development on the way for the global destination.

Spring Mountain is working on multiple commercial and residential developments that started to gain approvals in parts of 2017 and in early 2018.

Besides plans for construction on about 80 residential lots in what will become the Spring Mountain Estates, a commercial project got the green light on a final commercial subdivision map in the first part of 2018. The race facility gained final approval on a nearly 22-acre parcel near the gates of Spring Mountain’s entrance in March 2018.

In a newsletter from Spring Mountain, Las Vegas-based Silverton Hotel-Casino is spearheading a development on seven acres of that parcel. The project is pegged for several developments, including a retail center, a major-brand hotel and a casino and movie theater to the Spring Mountain development.

The hotel estimates completion in March 2019.

On top of plans for major additions at the facility, Spring Mountain is also pushing ahead on expanding its racetrack—which will eventually become the longest track in the world.

Residential expansion

The Spring Mountain Estates residential development project at the race facility gained approval of a final subdivision map in the early part of 2017. Planned is development on 77 residential lots, five common lots and one open space lot along the northeastern portion of the facility.

Street names in the subdivision match the theme of the facility’s focus on high-speed motoring. Among the street names Nye County approved are Spring Mountain Boulevard, Octane Court, Radial Court, Indy Court and Formula Court.

Infrastructure work for both the residential and commercial projects were planned to wrap up in the early part of 2018. Those efforts were set to raise two 550,000-gallon water storage tanks just north of the track’s main facility area.

The water and sewer treatment project had an estimated cost of $13.4 million.

Great Basin Water Company was approved in August 2016 by the Nevada Public Utilities Commission to expand its service territory by 120 acres.

With that action, Great Basin was allowed to construct a stand-alone water and wastewater infrastructure and associated facilities. Spring Mountain was required to pay all associated costs for development of this infrastructure, Great Basin officials stated in a Sept. 2, 2016 Pahrump Valley Times article.

Track Expansion

Spring Mountain was set to close on some 630 acres adjacent to the main facility from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management—creating a path toward developing the longest racetrack in the world.

Spring Mountain is planning to lay more track onto its current footprint that will. In total, there will be roughly 15 miles of track after the project’s completion.

The longest track today is Germany’s Nurburing 13.1-mile circuit in Nurburg, Germany.

According to Bloomberg News, Morris originally started out with 2.2 miles of track in 2004.

“The proposed track on the east section of the new property will feature multiple options for configurations, both clockwise and counterclockwise, more open space with high-speed straights, and an exhilarating 200-foot elevation change,” a newsletter from Spring Mountain stated.

The Nye County Commission approved the purchase of the more than 600 acres of public land in August 2017.

“Future development to the north will include a 5,200-foot runway, also utilized as a drag strip, and an air park,” the newsletter stated.

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