Texas man thankful for Pahrump support in Hurricane Harvey aftermath

Texas resident Cortney Washington was delighted after learning about local efforts to assist those displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Washington, who was shopping at Walmart on Saturday, applauded Pahrump business owner Trevor Maxwell’s attempt to provide some relief to south Texas residents.

Interestingly, Washington was in Pahrump last week seeking employment.

“I got a job offer out here but my family has been hugely affected by the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey,” he said upon exiting the retailer. “They live in the heart of Houston, Texas and my aunt suffered a really bad injury so I’m going to drive back and help take care of her. We are going to work it out one way or another. I am leaving today.”

Additionally, Washington personally expressed his thanks to Maxwell and the community of Pahrump, for wanting to assist the tens of thousands of Texas residents affected by storm.

“I just really want to say that I appreciate everything that the community of Pahrump is doing to help the hurricane victims in Texas,” he said. “Right now, my home is in Dallas. I just came out here to check out the job offer, but unfortunately, it’s not going to work out. I’m going to have to make a U-turn, so I’m heading back home.

“I’m leaving tonight on a flight to Texas. I am really going to miss Pahrump though. I have my fingers crossed because there have been a lot of flight delays that are taking place in and out of Texas, plus it’s Labor Day weekend. I’m taking Spirit Airlines.”

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