Utilities Inc. consolidates four companies into Great Basin Water Co.

Utilities, Inc. of Central Nevada consolidated four of its subsidiary companies into one, allowing the company to realize efficiencies of its operations, officials said in a press release.

Wendy Barnett, president of the former UICN, announced today that the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada has approved the company’s request to restructure the four Utilities, Inc. subsidiary companies, Utilities, Inc. of Nevada; Utilities, Inc. of Central Nevada; Sky Ranch Water Service; and Spring Creek Utilities Co. into one company under the name Great Basin Water Co.

Barnett will be the president of the new entity.

In a letter to customers that will be distributed this week, Barnett said efficiencies through restructuring are a part of UICN’s ongoing efforts to stabilize rates for its customers.

“The former Utilities, Inc. of Central Nevada will operate as a division of Great Basin Water Co. and will simply be known by our community name, Pahrump. We are excited to move forward with you as one, locally managed and operated Nevada company.

“What was known as Utilities, Inc. of Central Nevada will be a division which is simply be known as the Pahrump division, the community that we serve,” Barnett told Nye County commissioners on Tuesday.

The company will file only one set of necessary documents, such as annual tax returns and gross receipts reports, rather than the four required today.

Additionally, the company expects increased efficiency for vendors who often work with multiple companies. It also will allow for better local identity for customers, local responsibility and local operational accountability.

“We believe that the restructuring will allow us to better identify and prioritize the infrastructure improvement projects which will be most beneficial to customers through the Integrated Resource Planning process which is currently required by the PUCN for all utilities every three years,” Barnett said in a press release. “The company anticipates that by 2018, they will be able to file a single IRP for the entire state. Each utility system will have their own focus because of their individual needs, but a single filing will be much more financially efficient.”

The move will not raise rates for the company’s customers, Barnett said.

“That name change will not raise rates,” Barnett said. “What raises rates is aging infrastructure and increased environmental demands. And we continue to provide safe, clean drinking water even with those demands upon our company.”

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