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DMV upgrade could cost Nevada extra $300M amid rollout woes

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles’ modernization of its computer system could take longer than anticipated and cost the state more than $300 million in additional funding.

Letters to the Editor

On behalf of Huvz “N” Pawz, I would like to thank the following folks who helped to make our first benefit event so successful:

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In the Wednesday edition of the PVT, Head Trojans Coach Joe Clayton’s wife was referred to as Jackie. Her name is Holly.

Letters to the Editor

In all my years of employment and seeking a job, I have never seen such confusion like that of the new interim town manager.

Arranging second place

Gov. Brian Sandoval has thrown his support behind Clark County Sen. Sen. Mark Hutchison for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor. If any other Republicans were considering running, Sandoval has effectively told them to include themselves out.

Press promotes discord in coverage

WASHINGTON — Former President George W. Bush, on his recent trip to Africa, toured Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. He then sat down for an interview that may qualify as the eighth.

Egypt’s preferable tyranny

WASHINGTON — Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi knows neither Thomas Jefferson’s advice that “great innovations should not be forced on slender majorities” nor the description of Martin Van Buren as a politician who “rowed to his object with muffled oars.” Having won just 52 percent of the vote, Morsi pursued his objective — putting Egypt irrevocably on a path away from secular politics and social modernity — noisily and imprudently.

Letters to the Editor

Valley Electric board, management and staff get a big “job well done” for the electric service provided during the past heat wave.

Side-effect of reunion: host-family hangover

After months of planning and preparing, which led to a week of entertaining a big crowd of family and friends, it ended. In a whirlwind of chaos, it all unraveled as planned. Then, everything slipped back to its normal state of being.