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Repeal Obamacare letter

Today, members of the Obamacare Repeal Coalition, of which Citizen Outreach is a member, sent the below letter to House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell:

Letters to the Editor

Once again, Jeff VonAlst and his wonderful staff of poker dealers at the Pahrump Nugget, hosted the Chips for Charity Soroptimist International Pahrump Valley Poker Tournament. And once again, this fun and very exciting event exceeded expectations.

Education vs. political advertising

Keeping the lines straight on free expression is a constant battle. Government always strains to regulate it. Civil libertarians get nervous when it does. But there are no clear-cut lines. These groups sometimes take stances that can appear inconsistent.

Letters to the Editor

How safe are we — in the Winery area?

The one who would reinvent Detroit

DETROIT — This city is the broken tooth in Michigan’s smile. Nevertheless, the preternaturally optimistic governor, from whom never is heard a discouraging word, cheerfully describes his recent foray with a crew cleaning up a park in a particularly, well, challenging neighborhood:

One roadside meal at a time

Those who know Nevada Smith realize he misses no meals while on the road.

The McWeiner controversy

WASHINGTON — Over two decades of covering politicians’ scandals, I’ve often been asked a version of this question: What makes them do such stupid things?

Letters to the Editor

Thank you Amy Riches, for standing against incorporation. I moved here because it was a county in 2010, and I enjoy living in a county versus a city.

Motown’s one-man show

DETROIT — Gazing from the 14th floor toward the city center and the fragile sprouts of urban development along the river, Detroit’s Caesar says laconically: “One hundred and thirty-one to go.” Kevyn Orr, Detroit’s emergency manager appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder, means that housing in this vibrant enclave is 97 percent leased. The enclave is, however, only eight square miles of this city’s 139 square miles.

Better than ever … worse than before

When I was a small boy, one of my favorite fruits was the tangerine. In those days, there was only one tangerine. I think it was called the Dancy. The fruit was very loose inside the skin, which made it easy to peel, and the sections came apart easily so it wasn’t messy like an orange. And it tasted better, less bitter, than an orange.

More whoppers than you’d f ind at Burger King

I just received a new fundraising letter from the re-election campaign of Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R-Partners) that is absolutely mind-blowing in its disingenuousness.

Can we do more for wildfire fighters?

PRESCOTT, Ariz. — The morning’s breakfast trade at the Waffle Iron Restaurant had slowed, and the waitress politely answered the stranger’s question as she refilled his coffee cup.