Aimee Senior returns as head coach

Aimee Senior returns to lead the Beatty Hornets women’s basketball team one more year. This year the veteran coach comes out of retirement and is in her 13th year. She said after last year’s season she would come back to help out the team if they couldn’t find a replacement for Steve Sullivan who is sitting this year out.

Senior will be coaching along with her assistant Renee Cathcart. She said she is looking forward to working with Cathcart who has a daughter, Maggie, on the team. The new assistant has experience coaching basketball mainly at the middle school level.

The Hornets will be in a building year this year due to all the seniors who graduated last year. They have one returning senior this year, Christina Thompson. Thompson is expected to be a leader this year. The only other returning player from last year is Maggie who is a sophomore.

“We have little experience and overall we are really a young team,” Senior said.

Two other players, Eaire Davis and Sinai Hernandez, have limited experience as varsity players. These two are both juniors.

Senior said Thompson, Maggie and Denise Gonzalez will be the guards. Under the basket, will be Hernandez as a post.

“We have started working on passing,” the coach said. “Passing and ball handing we need to still work on. They are going to be a quick team if we can get it together. We have to work on our fundamentals. We have girls that are not afraid to go to the basket. That is definitely not going to be a problem. This is something that we have struggled with in the past, but this will not be the case this year.”

When asked if the Hornets will have some decent shooters, Senior replied, “Eaire Davis will be going to the basket. She tries hard and wants to do well and she really loves basketball. Claudia Granados is shooting well too. She is just a killer under the basket and she is only a freshman. We just need to get her the ball. We need to get her some experience and a little confidence. She is just a natural athlete. I am really excited she is out. She will probably be an outside shooter along with Maggie. Alexi Gill will be in a couple of years a great solid basketball player.”

Thompson had some encouraging words to say about the Hornets.

“The team is doing pretty well for a lot of new players and we have a lot of talent and skill. They are learning quickly and we have a lot of hard-working girls on the team. I feel it can be a good year if they keep working on their skills. I am pretty excited, but it does suck being the only senior,” she said.

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