Boys regional golf format cut to one day

The Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association has changed this year’s boys regional golf tournament from two days to one day to avoid a lawsuit.

According to assistant director of the NIAA, Donnie Nelson, a senior girls golfer from Sierra Vista High School complained after the girl’s regional tournament in the fall season that there should be a second day for the girls.

“She said that the tournament should be two days and she made a big stink and threatened to sue,” Nelson said. “The change is being made because of Title IX, which says that girls have to have an equal opportunity.”

Nelson said this means if the boys have a two-day regional tournament than the girls must have one t0o.

“So we changed the boys regional to a one-day tournament this spring to avoid a lawsuit,” Nelson said. “But it could go back to a two-day tournament next year.”

Trojans athletic Director Larry Goins said that in order for the boys to get their two-day tournament back, the girls golf coaches have to vote for a two-day tourney format for the girls in August and that might not happen.

Goins has a good idea of how the girls coaches think, having coached golf in Clark County for over 20 years.

“The girls coaches don’t really want a two-day format because the girls’ abilities are not to that level,” Goins said. “A two-day tournament format would only eliminate maybe two or three girls. So the girls coaches feel it is a waste of time.”

Goins said a solution would be to change the two-day format for the girls where there is a cut after the first day.

“Whereas the boys, the longer they play, the boys coaches feel the better players rise to the top,” Goins said. “Anyone can have a good day in golf, and that’s why the boys coaches prefer the longer format.”

Senior Austen Ancell said the one-day format will hurt him a little.

“In the two-day format, I usually play better the second day,” he said. “This year I will just have to make smarter choices to make my score better.”

Goins said the girls coaches will probably vote on this matter in August and in the meantime, the boys have to just make do with the NIAA spring decision.

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