Coach has little say in 2013 schedule

The 2013 football schedule is out. The Trojans face the same opponents in league play. The only thing that changes is whether or not they play at home or away.

This year in league the Trojans face Clark, Faith Lutheran and Mojave at home. Western and Cheyenne will be away.

In non-league play, The Trojans will not face Virgin Valley this year. Instead they will play Chaparral, which will be the first game at home. The Desert Pines game will be the only other non-league game at home.

The non-league schedule is very unimaginative, but Trojans Coach Joe Clayton said he really has no control over that. This is unlike other sports, where other coaches have more control over their non-league schedules.

“We don’t have any input at all. I shouldn’t say that, I have a tiny bit of input,” he said. “Right at the end of the season they will throw an email out there and say, ‘Is there anybody you absolutely don’t want to play?’ They keep it limited on what you can say. In our case, we actually told them we did not care to play Moapa because we have a good possibility of facing them in the playoffs again.”

Clayton said there was a miscommunication this year between he and Chris Brockman, the athletic administrator. Brockman ended up canceling the game with Virgin Valley because it was the farthest travel distance. He didn’t realize this year’s game would have been at home. This means the team will play Moapa, and this game is away.

Football schedules, explained Clayton, are really taken out of the coaches’ hands.

“If we wanted to play a non-league game, we can’t put that in our schedule. We are the only Nye County team. The Clark County School District makes our schedule. We take the schedule and like it basically, which is kind of unfortunate,” concluded Clayton.

The Trojans are in full pads starting on August 15. They will have five home games out of nine games this year.

Trojans Football Schedule

All games are played at 7 p.m.

Aug. 30 — Chaparral at home;

Sept. 7 — Desert Pines at home;

Sept. 12 — at Boulder City;

Sept. 20 — at Moapa Valley;

Sept. 27 — Clark at home;

Oct. 4 — at Cheyenne;

Oct. 11 — Faith Lutheran at home;

Oct. 18 — at Western; and

Oct. 24 — Mojave at home.

The Trojans are in full pads on August 15.

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