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2022 election

‘Major overhaul’: Where the Nevada GOP went wrong

The Nevada Republican Party did not have a “red wave.” Why? Election deniers on the ticket and division within the party, in part.

Supreme Court rejects another Nye hand counting lawsuit

The Nevada Supreme Court turned away the ACLU of Nevada, which sought to stop the post-election hand counting of Nye County ballots.

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McGill holding double-digit lead over Wehrly in Nye sheriff’s race

Nye Sheriff’s Deputy Joe McGill leads incumbent Sharon Wehrly with 63 percent of the votes so far. Wehrly’s two terms have been marred by several controversies revealed by the media.

The people have voted — now what?

Results will likely be delayed because of mail ballots, hand counting

Hand vote count stops, but Nye County vows to try again

Nye County officials vowed to reshape their plan and seek another go-ahead from the state Supreme Court after justices ruled that counting methods used violated rules they set.

Teachers union declines to make endorsement in race for governor

The largest teachers union in Nevada announced that it would not make an endorsement in the gubernatorial race between Gov. Steve Sisolak and Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

Hand counting ballots OK, judge rules

A Carson City District Court judge denied a challenge from a progressive group to block hand counting ballots in Nevada.

GOP candidates vow to protect abortion rights in Nevada

Republicans who oppose abortion vow they would nonetheless protect Nevada’s statute guaranteeing abortion rights if faced with a federal bill to ban the practice nationwide.