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legislature 2021

Petitions can be withdrawn before vote, Nevada AG says

The Nevada Constitution doesn’t prohibit people who circulate petitions to create or change laws from withdrawing those measures after they qualify for the ballot but before they go to voters, according to an opinion from the attorney general’s office.

$2.7 billion in federal aid funnels into state coffers

The state’s $2.7 billion share of American Rescue Plan funds to respond to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is officially in the bank following action Tuesday by a legislative committee.

Sisolak signs mail voting, presidential primary bills into law

Gov. Steve Sisolak signed several bills in Las Vegas Friday that will expand voting access, abolish the state’s caucuses and move Nevada into a first-in-the-nation presidential preference primary election in 2024.

Most minor traffic violations decriminalized in Nevada

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak on Tuesday signed a bill into law that decriminalizes most minor traffic offenses , classifying them instead as civil infractions.

Nevada ditches caucuses for primary, but details still cloudy

Nevada lawmakers did away with the cumbersome caucus system in the recently concluded legislative session, but will Nevada’s first-in-the-nation primary law actually bear fruit?

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These bills failed in the 2021 Legislature session

More than half of all bills and resolutions introduced in the 2021 Legislature failed to pass. Here’s a few of them.

Most lawmakers not willing to use public dollars to woo Athletics

As the 2021 Legislature comes to a close, there appears to be a little appetite to commit public money for a new baseball stadium to woo the Oakland Athletics to Nevada.

Legislature passes mining tax bill, sending funds to schools

The 2021 Nevada Legislature’s signature heavy lift, a rewrite of taxes on the mining industry to channel more money to education, passed both houses on the last day of session Monday.

Mail-in voting takes another step forward in Nevada

Nevada Democrats’ bids to make mail-in ballots permanent and position Nevada as the first presidential nominating state took a key step forward Tuesday.

Nevada lawmakers move to solidify mail-in voting, ditch caucus

Nevada Democrats’ bids to make mail-in ballots permanent and position Nevada as the first presidential nominating state took a key step forward Tuesday.

Lawmakers add $500M to education budget

Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton said Wednesday she’s been waiting ‘a damn long time’ to put the more than $500 million into education budgets.

Nevada Assembly approves Southern Nevada turf removal proposal

Under the bill approved Thursday, no water from the Colorado River could be used to irrigate ornamental grass on non-residential properties starting in 2027.

Dozens of bills head for passage as deadline nears

More than 150 pieces of legislation moved toward passage in the Legislature Tuesday ahead of deadline for action.

Eviction reform, affordable housing debated in Carson City

Lawmakers heard bills about reforming the eviction process and building more affordable housing in Nevada as a Friday deadline for passing bills from committees approached.

Assembly bill targets ‘ghost guns’ in Nevada

A bill that would ban so-called ghost guns drew plenty of testimony on both sides in Carson City on Wednesday.