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Eight Republicans, six Democrats battling for Nevada’s Congressional District 4 nomination

The race for Congressional District 4 has a very large pool of contenders, including eight Republicans and six Democrats, all hoping to secure their party’s nomination this primary election. Those nominees will then head to the general election where they will battle it out with each other and two third-party candidates, Libertarian Jonathan Esteban and Independent American Party candidate Barry Rubinson.

Cox facing three opponents in re-election bid

In the 2020 Republican Primary race for Nye County Commission District 3, incumbent Donna Cox is facing three opponents, Louis “Louie” Baker, Deanna O’Donnell and John Wehrly. The winner of this match-up with then proceed to the general election and go up against Independent American Party candidate Lance Schaus.

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Hafen and Bradley face off for Nevada Assembly District 36

Gregory Hafen II is aiming to keep and Dr. Joseph Bradley is striving to take the Assembly District 36 seat this year and as these are the only two candidates for this seat, the winner will be determined by the 2020 Republican Primary.

Five hopefuls eyeing commission district 1 seat

Nye County Commission District 1 is wide open this year, with current office holder Lorinda Wichman termed out and five new faces seeking the seat. The winner of the Republican primary for district 1 will then proceed to the general election where they will take on nonpartisan candidate Darryl Lackey.

Carbone challenging Koenig for Nye County Commission District 2

The 2020 Republican Primary is pitting former Nye County Commissioner Frank Carbone against incumbent John Koenig for the Nye County Commission District 2 seat and with just two candidates on the ballot, the man who takes this race will be determined by the results of the primary election.

DAN SCHINHOFEN: Not new or normal

There are a few phrases lately that just make me want to scream. The first one is “new normal” and I’ll talk about that later. One of the others is, “no fault of our own” and “we’re all in this together,” both of which have a ring of truth to them. Of course, this is not our “fault,” which begs the question, “whose fault is it?” As for the virus itself I am not inclined to buy into conspiracy theories like George Soros and Bill Gates cooked this up with China. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party leadership is focused on blaming Trump. It seems that Pelosi is more concerned about scoring political points than actually dealing with the issue. So as to fault, the virus is a virus while the greater pain we have all felt is the shutdown of our society and economy.

Virus deadly to Beatty events

Among the victims of COVID-19 are Beatty’s two biggest events of the year—the Fourth of July celebration in the park and Beatty Days in October.

In Season: Getting to the heart of the Artichoke

I’ve been harvesting artichokes for a few weeks now in my garden. They’re one of the first vegetables that I look forward to harvesting in the spring. These edible flower buds are not only delicious but also provide a brilliant purple thistle-like bloom when left to flower.

Judge denies recall group’s request for additional time

Federal District Court Judge Richard Boulware on Friday, May 15 denied Fight for Nevada’s request to indefinitely extend the 90-day period mandated by state law to gather signatures to recall Gov. Steve Sisolak.

Officials urge letting cannabis firms to access banking system

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford joined a bipartisan coalition of 34 state and territorial attorneys general urging Congress to pass the federal Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act, which would give legal marijuana-related businesses access to the federal banking system.

Replacing mains a challenge in Beatty

Many Beatty residents have had to put up with a day or two without water in the last month or so as a crew from Four Point Engineering has worked on replacing alley water mains in parts of the town.

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