Business Profile: Bob Burningham, All-Tech Service

Bob Burningham

All-Tech Services, owner


Age: 29

Years in business: 15 years

First job: “I worked at an auction house in town at 16 while going to high school.”

Background: “My stepfather got me involved in computers. He gave me one and I wanted to see how it worked and so I took it apart and put it back together again. I then went to school for architecture and took computer drafting classes. I took further classes in computer networking, how to set them up and how to secure them, once I figured out that architecture wasn’t for me. I also have a background in computer programming and developing software.”

Personal: “I like doing things outdoors, like hiking. I like to get away from town by taking trips to Reno and Lake Tahoe.”

Business Climate: “I worked locally in a shop in town for seven years working with computers. I learned the ropes but found the town lacking in professional IT services. I noticed people from Las Vegas would charge businesses a lot of money to come out here for IT work. I offer that out here and already have local businesses using me instead of going to Las Vegas.”

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