County aiming to aid senior nutrition through grants

The Nye County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved three measures seeking aid to provide seniors in need of food with nutritional meals in the county.

At the meeting in Tonopah on Tuesday, the commission passed all three grants seeking items: one to accept an award, the other two were seeking approval to apply for grants.

The accepted grant award was for $9,930, which will be used for a nutrition services incentive program by the Aging and Disability Services Division for the nutrition program in Amargosa Valley, Beatty and Tonopah senior centers.

The two awards looking for approval to apply totaled just under $250,000.

“Again, this is all for senior nutrition, in case any of you want to understand,” Commissioner Frank Carbone said. “We are not ignoring senior nutrition.”

Carbone’s comments refer to the backlash directed at the county in March when $120,000 in county subsidies for senior nutrition were cut.

The largest grant applied for is for a State of Nevada, Aging and Disability Services Division Grant in the amount of $158,050.

Of that amount, $71,438 would go toward personnel, $64,653 toward supplies, with a $500 match, $8,931 to fringe benefits, and $1,331 toward staff travel costs.

A grant match for $27,834 would be used for occupancy, as senior clients from Smoky Valley are transported to the Tonopah Senior Center for meals each Thursday.

The grant would be to congregate meals to clients 60 years of age and older at three locations within Nye County: Amargosa Valley, Beatty and Tonopah.

The second grant being applied for is a $91,027 grant to provide home-delivered meals to clients 60 years and older in Amargosa Valley, Beatty and Tonopah. Matching funds in the amount of $16,065 would bring the total to $107,092.

Of the funding that will derive from the grant, $38,352 would be for personnel, $37,360 would go toward supplies, with a $3,477 match. $4,788 would be used for fringe benefits, and $3,120 is slated for other expenses. A $12,588 match is being applied for to be used for occupancy.

Both grant applications are due June 3 and matching funds are not requested from Nye County. Matching funds are being requested from the Amargosa Town Board, Beatty Advisory Town Board and Tonopah Town Board to help facilitate the financial needs of their respective senior centers, their congregate services, and their home-delivered services.

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