Forensic, DNA testing delay pre-trial hearing

The issue of DNA and forensic evidence testing delayed the pre-trial hearing of murder suspect Robert James Marygold, 59, on Wednesday.

Defense attorney Harry Gensler said both sides need to examine the results of forensic testing before the case proceeds, while noting prosecutors have also extended a plea deal to the defendant.

“It’s my understanding that the state is going to be sending some bullets to be ballistic tested and there’s also some DNA evidence,” he said. “We do have an offer that Mr. Marygold is contemplating and we can accept the offer, or not, until we see all of the evidence in this matter.”

Marygold was arrested July 24, on suspicion of murder after the Nye County Sheriff’s Office found the body of his stepmother, Alma Marygold, in the home they both shared. Police believe she was killed July 13.

Pahrump Justice Court Judge Kent Jasperson set a new pre-trial hearing date for Jan. 13.

Gensler then addressed another important issue for his client – who’s gone without his eyeglasses since his arrest.

“When his sister came to visit him after his arrest, she brought him some glasses and gave them to a detective,” he said. “My client has asked periodically to have his glasses given to him, but nobody has done that yet. He can’t read without his glasses.”

Jasperson asked the arresting detective, who was also present, to locate the glasses for Gensler’s client.

“He has to have them, especially in the court proceedings to read any documents and go over the discovery with his attorney,” he said. “By them not providing the glasses that were left with the Sheriff’s Office, they’re basically hindering the court proceedings and everything else in regards to this.”

According to the police, Marygold, after waiving his Miranda rights, admitted during an interview with detectives to shooting his stepmother twice in the chest with a .45 caliber handgun and concealing her body within the residence. The Nye County District Attorney’s office has filed five felony charges in the case: murder with the use of a deadly weapon, robbery with the use of a deadly weapon, battery with the use of a deadly weapon, fraudulent use of credit card or debit card, and theft.

Police said the suspect allegedly obtained the victim’s credit card without permission to make ATM withdrawals or purchases totaling approximately $1,900 at various locations throughout town.

Deputies had responded to the residence on West Florida Street to check on the welfare of an elderly female after out-of-state family members called to report they had no contact with her for several days. The family spoke with Robert Marygold about Alma Marigold’s whereabouts and he told them that she had gone camping, according to police.

The investigating deputy, after arriving at the residence, noticed an extremely foul odor coming from within the home and made entry, according to the arrest report.

Upon entry, police found a body wrapped in trash bags and a blanket in a bedroom closet. After unwrapping the body, it was determined that the description of Alma Marygold matched the deceased person found in the home.

Detectives responded and obtained a search warrant to search the home for any evidence that could possibly reveal the cause of death.

Due to the advanced decomposition of the body it was tough for police to determine and locate any evidence of gunshot wounds, but several corroborating details were confirmed through evidence at the scene.

Marygold was placed under arrest and transported to the Nye County Detention Center where he was booked and held without bail.

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