Half Price Lawyers to open satellite office

Everyone finds themselves in need of a little legal assistance on occasion, even if it’s just having someone review a contract and examine the fine print.

Half Price Lawyers is opening its first satellite office here at 41 N. Highway 160 at the corner of Basin Avenue May 31.

Owner and attorney Glenn Truitt said Half Price Lawyers has been doing business in Las Vegas since 2009. Truitt took over the practice in May 2013 and said his reasoning behind the satellite office here was clients coming into Las Vegas for their legal needs, especially seniors.

“I realize there are a lot of retired persons living in Pahrump,” Truitt said. “We would like to better serve the community by having a full-time office there.”

Truitt said the office will be staffed by attorney Jonathan Nelson, formerly with Stovall &Associates, and paralegal Christy Michalsky, who is a Pahrump resident. Nelson will make the daily commute from the outskirts of Las Vegas. Truitt said, “Jonathan lives as close to Pahrump as he can be without actually living there.”

Truitt said he will be in the office at least one day per week.

The law firm’s advertised half-price fees have been verified by the Nevada Bar Association, according to Truitt.

“We are less expensive and don’t charge by the hour like most attorneys do. Because of volume of clientele and our labor cost, we actually do have cheaper pricing. We use a flat rate, up-front payment plan and try to work with our clients.

“We can handle any type of case here except for bankruptcy, which is a federal judgment and there isn’t a federal courthouse here.”

Truitt said they are working out shuttle service with Integrity Taxi to get residents into Las Vegas. “We’re especially concerned about the senior citizens who have bankruptcy proceedings. Las Vegas traffic is a bear, especially when you have to navigate the downtown area.” He said the service will be in place by the time the firm opens May 31.

Truitt said the firm will handle criminal cases from traffic tickets to battery charges. He said the attorneys have a complete business service as well. “We can provide licensing help for business entities including helping them form a business, arbitrating disputes, drafting documents and reviewing documents.

Like other law firms, Half Price Lawyers will take personal injury cases on a pro-bono basis. If someone is injured, the firm doesn’t get paid until the victim does. Truitt said they specialize in motorcycle accidents.

If there are financial woes, Truitt aid the attorneys can help with debt consolidation, mortgages and he said they “guarantee credit repair.”

If wills and estates are a concern, Truitt aid Half Price Lawyers can help guide and finalize the documents. In fact, for anyone over 65, the firm is offering a simple will preparation in the office, while you wait, for $25.

Truitt has been practicing law for 10 years after having graduated from Stanford University. He first worked in pharmaceutical law in California before that job transferred him to Las Vegas. He opened his own private practice before taking over Half Price Lawyers.

“We are excited to open the office in Pahrump and particularly interested in forming programs which will better serve residents and the senior population,” Truitt said.

The grand opening will be a full-blown party, with music, a bounce house and face painting for the kids, a barbecue and snow-cone vendor and a Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting.

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