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It seems to me that this meeting was called in hopes that a few people would show up. … I think it was a setup. You are trying to keep the people out while you people try to appoint a friend. … Do you think no one would find out Mr. Dolan? Your buddy Susan Holecheck? I think you should recuse yourself from voting.”

town meeting regular dean brooks

Special meeting ends with no manager (PVT — July 10, 2013)

I would thank the community, we’ve been other places and very rarely have we been greeted with such support …. this town not only greeted us welcomingly, but your fellow citizens have been able to come up, show their support and let us know what their concerns are, and that’s huge for us.”

u.s. forest service incident commander marty adell

Carpenter wildfire burns 20,000 acres (PVT — June 10, 2013)

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