Highway Patrol to debut new gray uniforms Jan. 1

As the new year rings in, Nevada Highway Patrol troopers will have a new look to kick off 2017.

NHP said that it will that it will debut new uniforms on Jan. 1, which will change their current navy blue uniforms to a new gray version.

Although they will begin to make the switch on the first day of the new year, NHP explained it wants avoid confusion as some troopers may still wear the familiar navy blue uniforms until all new uniforms have been issued. NHP said that the department has two years to fully switch over to the new uniforms.

“We want to make sure the public is aware that if they happen to have interaction with law enforcement officers identifying themselves as Nevada Highway Patrol or a DPS officer dressed in the new gray-colored uniform, they are Department of Public Safety officers with all powers and jurisdictions associated with that position.”

No other visual changes will occur aside from the uniforms, as Nevada Highway Patrol vehicles will remain the same.

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