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Van and Maureen Atkins

All Travel &Cruise Center, Inc. 775-537-2541, 805-404-4250

Ages: 70 &71

Years in Business: 33 years

First Jobs: Maureen was a teacher and Van was in banking.

Backgrounds: Our travel agency, All Travel &Cruise Center, Inc., covers all types of travel, but specializes in cruise planning. We chose that emphasis as so many of Pahrump’s residents favor that type of vacationing since it’s so exciting, convenient, and cost-effective. Indeed, we’ve personally booked and gone on many lengthy trips, including several cruises, over the years.

Personal: “Travel, by all modes, has pretty much been in our blood our entire lives. And since we’ve been married, we’ve lived in a lot of different places, on different continents, and have traveled extensively for nearly five decades.”

Business Climate: “A lot of folks think about their dream vacation but don’t want to trudge “over the hill” to some huge travel office. Instead, they appreciate the personal touch of being able to deal face-to-face with travel experts actually living in Pahrump.”

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