In Profile: Mike Maye

Mike Maye

If I Maye Clothing Co.


Age: 29

Background: “I have been in the music business as a musician since I was 17. At that age I started in the business as a drummer. I toured for a decade and learned every aspect of the music industry, from recording to merchandising. I have had my own clothing line since 2009. I do a lot of band merchandising and charitable runs. I have also started merchandising for other bands. I teach kids how to do their own merchandising and how to run a music business. I am a one-stop operation for musicians, where I offer merchandising, production, recording and video production all in one place. We have a 600-square foot studio. We also do graphic design and website design. There is everything under the sun for your music label.”

Years in business: “My clothing line has been around for seven years.”

First job: “My first job was mowing lawns for other people in Lucerne Valley, California.”

Personal: “I really don’t have time to relax, but when I do I like playing the original Donkey Kong and Super Mario in HD on a huge screen.”

Business climate: “I came out to Pahrump to help my mother. I am able to come out here and help this community grow. I get clarity working and living in a small town while I build my business.”

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