IN PROFILE: Russ Valore

BUSINESS: Owner, Bulletproof Transmissions

AGE: 45

BACKGROUND: “I’ve been in the transmission business for 20 years. Before I came here, I was in Garden Grove, Calif., and spent another two years in general repairs.”

FIRST JOB: “I worked for Aamco Transmission. I was with them for 18 years.

YEARS IN BUSINESS: “I have lived in Pahrump for five years and have owned Bulletproof Transmissions since August 2012.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT“My Elks Lodge application is on my desk but I haven’t submitted it yet. We’re involved with baseball and soccer here and support local charity fundraisers with raffle certificates.”

PERSONAL: “I am extremely family oriented. I have four kids and grandbabies. I like to spend time riding dirt bikes and my Harley.”

BUSINESS CLIMATE: “What makes business good in Pahrump is its people. My customers are awesome and loyal. If you treat people fairly, they come back and tell their friends.

“We should spend our money here as much as possible. Do your homework and see what services are available locally before you take a trip to Las Vegas. Small businesses should do their best to keep pricing competitive for the consumer.”

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