IN PROFILE: Tom Arnhart

BUSINESS: Cow County Title

AGE: 65

BACKGROUND: “I started in this business in 1976. I was tending bar and a title company came in and I saw this as a chance, so I went to work for this guy in Fallon. I also took community college classes while I was learning the business and how to research titles. In 1991, my wife Cindy and I started Cow County Title. We purchased the business from First American in Tonopah. We also opened a satellite office in 1991 in Pahrump, with our main office still in Tonopah. Then in 2004 we moved our main office down to Pahrump.”

FIRST JOB: “I worked in a grocery store in Idaho stocking grocery shelves at 12 or 13 years old. ”

YEARS IN BUSINESS: “I have been in business as Cow County Title for 24 years and 39 years in the business.”

PERSONAL: “I enjoy being in the outdoors fishing and hunting. I like any kind of fishing, but mainly in rivers and streams.”

BUSINESS CLIMATE: “I am encouraged. Pahrump seems to be moving and our accounts our increasing. We went from 1 1/2 orders a day and now we are averaging over five orders a day. We are seeing different transactions and loans are picking up. Before we were seeing lots of investors and now we are seeing lenders financing the transactions and that is always a good key to a stable real estate market.”

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