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Letters to the Editor

Reader encourages letter writer to ‘love it or leave it’

As I read CJ Stevens’ letter to the editor I came away thinking that any fool who has read the Constitution would understand that he said absolutely nothing in a space that is supposed to be reserved for a lot fewer words than is supposed to be allowed by the PVT. His hatred of Trump jumps right out at you. He is probably from some state back east that thinks if you vote anything but straight Democrat you are wrong. He and his kind know that they are always right and if you don’t believe him just ask him. We are a republic and have been from the beginning.

My question to him is, why do you hate this country and if you do, why don’t you pick up and get your happy posterior out of here. Donald Trump was a breath of fresh air who opened the eyes of this country. It is something that was needed after eight years of pure nonsense that Obama put forth and tried to change this republic into something that it is not. There is no doubt in my mind that this last election was a complete joke. Any amateur detective could tell you that in spades. I am so amazed at the number of people that hate this country that live here that seem to hate it. All of the idiots back in D.C. seem to think everyone is a racist that doesn’t agree with them.

Take a check of the stats that tell you the number of people in each race in this country and it will tell you the whole story. I just read the stats on who is the most watched news in this country is and it damn sure is not the mainstream news media that seems to have control of the Democrat party. I for one am smart enough to realize that those in control, in both parties, would have to gain 20 points on the IQ scale to be considered above an idiot. Open up your hearts and mind to God. He will lead you. God Bless America.

Stacy Riney

Critical race theory is causing an uproar in our schools and our country

Does our Pahrump House U.S. Representative actually represent us?

Representative Steven Horsford (D) Las Vegas, was at his wife’s speech, in which she touted teaching the Critical Race Theory (CRT), with him nodding and agreeing with his wife that this is a good thing to teach young Americans. His wife, Dr. Sonya Douglass Horsford teaches as an “Associate Professor of Education Leadership in the Department of Organization and Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she conducts research and teaches courses on the politics of race and inequality in education.”

CRT is causing an uproar all over the country as parents are realizing that their children are being taught to hate. CRT, along with BLM (Black Lives Matter), ANTIFA, are only a ruse used by the leftist to overthrow the United States, and what it stands for. Representative Horsford by using his office is undermining American values. His own press secretary, Shelbie Bostedt, has been revealed to be a racist herself.

Representative Horsford shows who he really is by using his elected position and having an affair with a young intern while cheating on his wife and three children.

Here in Pahrump, is this who we really want to stand for our values?

Arnold Breitenbach

Administration is the blind leading the blind, reader says

Just wondering how “the genius Democrats are going to handle Biden’s complete mental fatigue, meltdowns and admit him to a psyche ward.” Psycho Joe has serious health issues that no one seems to care about, especially the alleged Democrats he works for.

Let’s just admit it…. his party is run by the Russians and Chinese.

Jill is amazing us all by simply ignoring every single media on earth about Joe’s mental health

and continues to say and do NOTHING. Zero Nothing. She couldn’t care less.

I divorced a woman like her once. Thank God only once! With Indian summer just around the corner most of us will be too busy to care about Biden’s survival. Poor fella has no cognizant clue about anything! We all must bear the brunt of his enormous failures, shortcomings and lack of knowledge. Joe Biden knows nothing about anything. It’s all given to him right or wrong for him to read.

I had family member exactly like Joe. Lost, mumbling and couldn’t us the restroom. Had 24-hour/365 monitoring by doctors/nurses.

Please, if you know this, why on earth would you vote for someone who has massive mental and physical health problems that affect his “alleged decisions” as the president of the world’s biggest economy?

Harris is really the so-called president. That’s like the blind leading the blind folks!

Let’s just get the guy back that you may HATE and let him fix the Biden catastrophe in short order! Donald J. Trump fixed almost all of our problems and put the country on a new path to success for Americans personally and people in business!

The good Lord has been in charge and dropped Trump in our lap. Let’s bring back Mr. Trump

and once again watch the man work his magic in the White House! Even Houdini wasn’t this good!

Blessings and good wishes,

Dano Savino USAF

Vietnam Veteran 1968

Reader believes more Trump lawsuits to come in future

I just read David Jaronik’s Friday, July 16 letter to the editor in the PVT. He stated that after years of investigations, the best the New York state attorney general could come up with was some tax evasion. Really? This is just the beginning. Trump has a long, horrible history in New York for ripping off small family-owned contractors by not paying or underpaying them, knowing they could not afford to battle his team of attorneys. He put plenty of good, hard-working families out of business.

He also has a long, horrible history of overinflating the worth of his properties in order to get high-dollar loans, then turning around and undervaluing the same properties to lower his tax liability. He has scammed the IRS and banks out of millions of dollars. Just ask yourself why there are no banks in the U.S. that will give him a loan.

It goes on and on when it comes to the Trump scams of people and the government (you and me). He’s a walking crime boss and there’s reason to believe that many more lawsuits are to come. So, David, please don’t use the Faux News tactic of omitting information when you try to make a point.

CJ Stevens

Democrat wants damage done to his party stopped now

Would someone with a high position in the national Democratic Party or the national news media PLEASE inform people such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders that they are hurting MY Democratic Party by calling themselves “Democratic Socialists” when they are NOT true socialists at all. I am sick and tired of people like Nikki Haley sending me ridiculous emails in which she uses the terms “socialist”, “democratic socialist”, “far-left” and “radical-left” as meaning the same exact things as a “progressive” and a “liberal.” I am NOT a socialist, and I resent being called one.

As New York Times columnist and 2008 Nobel-Prize winner in Economics Paul Krugman has pointed out, the so-called democratic socialists are actually social democrats who want to keep our market-based economic system but want to have a lot of federal government social programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and college student loans in order to help our lower classes and middle classes. A truly socialist economy has never successfully worked in any large-scale society. A true socialist wants to abolish capitalism and replace it with a genuine socialist economy in which the workplaces are owned and controlled by some entity such as “the state”, “the government”, or “the people.” It is not my true nature to insult anyone, but for any reasonable human being to believe in true socialism in 2021, she/he would have to lack the common sense that God/Higher Power gave to little chickens.


Stewart B. Epstein

If they take our guns, then only criminals will have them

If you‘ve had military service you know what weapons are used for – to stop others from taking your life or the life of others. The same for gun owners in civilian life, yet we all know what the politics of the present ruling party wants to do – make laws to take almost every gun we own to protect ourselves, family and friends away and destroy them.

Why? To gain the power to control our country and change our Constitution and rights to an organization that is run by power-hungry people that do not respect anything or anyone but themselves, much like the mafia, fascists, communists, or gangs.

Why are we voting for this? Let’s stop party voting and vote for our rights and the Constitution.

Henry Hurlbut

Neighborhood watch program successful at deterring crime

As more residents move into our town, the chance of being victimized by crime increases. The most effective way to combat crime is for neighbors to watch out for one another.

The Nye County Neighborhood Watch is a Sheriff’s Auxiliary program which includes two Facebook sites. The Nye County Facebook site consists of 5,500 members and the Pahrump Nevada site has 4,000 members. The members are concerned with the safety of residents of this valley. Whenever an accident, fire, burglary or any other incident is witnessed by a member it is posted on these sites after being reported to 911 and is distributed instantly to all members. Therefore, the two Facebook sites are an excellent method for local information. These are community sites, thus no swearing, advertising or ranting are tolerated.

As coordinator of the Nye County Neighborhood Watch it is my job to encourage members to look out for one another. I have drills on the Facebook sites for members to go outside and look around sometimes using astronomy or sunsets. I encourage cameras to be used as visual evidence. The night owl project requests members that are up all night to take a look outside.

Information is key to reducing crime here in Nye County and at a time that there is an insane movement to defund the police it is necessary to support and assist our peacekeepers any way possible. The Neighborhood Watch program is a successful program in deterring crime.

Edward Underhill,

Nye County Neighborhood Watch coordinator,

Sheriff’s Auxiliary

There are some who think constitution not worth preserving

Nor should it be and I’m not talking about what’s being called “public service” which has predominantly moved into the realm of “personal service” for many at public expense. During the days of celebrating our nation’s independence, there were many troubling statements by many in influential and leadership positions that also trickled down to the students of higher learning institutions.

At this time, a general attitude seems to be growing that we may eventually find very destructive. This attitude seems to have found its way into the leadership of our military. The U.S. military has been traditionally an apolitical institution regardless of the commander-in-chief’. Even during the time of the trouble in Vietnam, where many of us personally questioned the goals and tactics of our civilian and military leadership directed us, we all did our duty regardless.

Generally, many of the negative statements made recently essentially tell us and most of the world “our founding was on a false ideal”, and is not worth preserving. Even students in institutions of higher learning have seemed to adopt this premise, saying they do not believe there is anything very special about us and the U.S. Constitution; some actually plan on going to that more ‘utopic’ place after graduating, but were unable to say exactly where that was but was sure there was such a place.

Sadly when enough younger people have this idea and also parents of younger children also adopt these thoughts, there will be few willing to really “serve” and risk life and limb to defend such a perceived country. It is easy to look at history with today’s eyes, criticize all the later proven wrong thoughts and actions. It is much more difficult to try to figure out all the thoughts and influences at those times to understand some of the challenges of those times.

In 1859 the much celebrated (even today) Charles Darin’s first book was called, “On the Origin of Spies by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races”. Does anyone really doubt what he was inferring?

In our founding documents, we find the words, “in order to form a more perfect union”. It doesn’t say we have a more perfect union, only that it is a goal and should be worked toward, though being human we will never totally achieve, it is nonetheless a worthy goal.

David Jaronik

Administration’s policies, school curriculum are concerning

As I read the July 2 letter to the editor submitted by Ms. Stevens somehow I get the sense, that for whatever reason, she feels deeply that the Republican party is bent on putting the United States on the road to socialism, communism, fascism, authoritarianism, etc., and thereby sending the country to “Hell in a Handbasket”.

I’m only a high school graduate, but I thought the U.S. was doing all right under Trump’s Republican administration. Taxes went down, Income went up, employment went up and unemployment went down. Heavy sanctions were placed on Iran, North Korea, China and Russia; are these accomplishments all bad? If so I urge you to explain WHY?

Admittedly, Trump at times was rude, crude and socially repugnant, but in many cases he got positive results. Examples? For the first time in NATO’s history, many more NATO members actually started paying 2% of their nation’s GDP toward NATO’s common defense! Amazing, eh? His administration rebuilt our armed forces after eight years of neglect by the Obama administration while “Building the Wall” that actually slowed down the entry of Illegal immigrants (called “undocumented immigrants now) and drugs from entering the U.S. Illegally! Funny how well that worked, isn’t it? Then he got Mexico to hold prospective immigrants from entering the U.S. until their applications were processed. Was that so bad? Remember it was the Trump administration that oversaw the Development of Covid-19 vaccines in the unheard of time frame of under a year. Was that bad too? President Biden mentioned once that he “inherited a mess” when he took office. Remember that?

President Biden actually campaigned on easing immigration controls, including a moratorium on deportations, an end to former President Donald Trump’s “Wait in Mexico” policy for asylum-seekers and halting construction of the border wall. Those statements gave migrants good reason to believe it would be easier to get into the United States if he were elected, and now of course hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants (prospective future Democratic voters?) have entered the U.S.! How’s that working out? What percentage of the immigrants (legal or illegal) entering the U.S. on a daily basis have Covid-19? Or have been exposed to Covid-19? Have ANY of them been vaccinated? Where do the illegal immigrants go that are never caught? Who knows?

It seems like the president’s decision to throw VP Harris “under the bus” by putting her in charge of solving the border crisis isn’t working out real well either, is it? He created the problem, then decided it was somebody else’s problem. Now that’s a classy move for an experienced politician! (For whatever it’s worth, in my personal opinion, I don’t think the present administration wants the border crisis solved). Why? Ask the president, he seems to have all the answers.

Another of Present Biden’s infamous decisions was to allow biological males who “identify” as females to participate in collegiate female events like sports. A week ago the national news reported yet another male who “identified” as a female entered a female’s shower room and disrobed. Cool, eh? He canceled a U.S. oil pipeline, thereby upsetting Canada and terminating many good-paying jobs and putting yet more laborers out of work while simultaneously dropping sanctions on Russia and thereby allowing the completion of an oil pipeline from Russia into Northern Europe! How in hell does that make sense?

Are you even just a little concerned that our schoolchildren are being indoctrinated with programs like critical race theory and woke theory and the 1619 program while U.S. schoolchildren score lower than many other countries in benchmarks such as math and science. According to the Business Insider report in 2018, the U.S. public education worldwide ranking was 38th in math scores and 24th in science. . President Biden has now stated he will not interfere with the teachers’ unions in this regard. (Maybe he values the union votes too much to upset them, you think?)

You began your informative letter by stating Senate Minority Leader McConnell was an “obstructionist” because he refused to let President Biden fill a vacant Supreme Court seat with a Democrat. Currently there are no vacant seats on the SCOTUS. But he did refuse to let President Obama fill a vacant SCOTUS seat after Judge Scalia died..

Incidentally, the first time the “nuclear option” was invoked was on Nov. 21, 2013 when a Democratic Senate led by Harry Reid (D-NV) used the procedure to eliminate the 60-vote rule for presidential nominations (other than nominations to the Supreme Court).

Other than inflation and burgeoning welfare, the biggest problem I see for you and I, and 300-plus millions of other U.S. citizens is this: At some point whoever is making the decisions in D.C. (Obama? Soros? The “Gang of Four?) is going to get tired of Biden mumbling erratically and get rid of him.,Then what? VP Harris gets promoted? Good grief! After her, who’s next in line? Pelosi! Heavens to Murgatroyd!

Ray Waldhauser

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