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Letters to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Local retail stores thanked for courteous service

I want to commend Smith’s, Albertson’s, Walmart and Dollar Tree for their service to seniors during this stressful time.

I am a senior who lives in Pahrump. Each time I am in these stores people have been very courteous and friendly with lots of cashiers and staff to help us find items. The restocking has been awesome.

So for all of us who live here, thank you.

Betty Cotner

Some things just require a little common sense

I watched the Democratic presidential debates, and one of the frequent solutions to the “gun” problem, according to the former vice president and echoed by all the other candidates on stage was passing a law allowing lawsuits against gun manufacturers. To my knowledge, you can successfully sue any manufacturer or producer if you follow their instructions and guidelines for safety and it fails due to their product’s flaws. But if you misuse the product, like snow blower manufacturers having to tell their customers “not to use on the roof.” Seems like there are some universal truths that even most young children should be taught to know and understand, like “look both ways before crossing the street.”

Even in England, there are some looking at the wrong end of the horse, where it is nearly impossible to own a gun, especially a handgun. They have a stabbing problem and many politicians there are touting restricting knife purchases. There are even some regarding baseball bats too.

Maybe a great measure of common sense has eluded us in recent years, but it does seem inanimate objects have much less to do with these problems, while social attitudes of the lack of personal responsibility and victimhood are the underlying causes.

If we continue on this road, the only answer is relinquishing freedoms of choice to masters, which has been the history of humanity with only a few exceptions, the U.S. being one of them.

David Jaronik

Abuse laws not helping with parental discipline

It “takes a village”, yet our parents are accused of child abuse per the stupid laws that have been passed. Now, instead of children acting like children, obeying their parents, it’s reversed, especially in stores and about in public.

I watched a child about 18 months to two years old pummel its mother’s face with its fists and screaming all that time for 20 minutes or more until my doctor took me in to be examined, and all the mother could do was absorb the pummeling and say “I love you” over and over. It was definitely not a pretty sight for all those around to watch and hear.

It’s time the abuse laws be used for actual abuse, not child rearing corrections. Otherwise, we have the young growing up to expect everything they want when they want it or else they get violent.

This leads to school fights, disrespect to teachers in school, and even mass shootings of those who don’t treat them as they want to be treated.

It’s time to get rid of the “it takes a village” attitude and get back to it takes good parents to correct bad attitudes at a very young age.

When done, maybe, just maybe, we can all be civil to one another and “make America great again” and a country united in the goals of freedom to choose our own paths with respect to others.

Henry Hurlbut

Reader writes open letter to all Trump haters

To all Trump haters – which are composed of people who believe anything they hear or think of so long as it’s against Trump. Do you hate Trump more than you care for the country you live in. If so, why don’t you just leave?

I know you blame Trump for everything that happens. Is it his fault for the thousands of homeless people? Have the Democrats offered to take any of them in? I’m sure Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have extra bedrooms and big lush yards they could put tents on.

Is it Trump’s fault that I am getting old and gray? Is it Trump’s fault the sun shines? Is it Trump’s fault we have fat and skinny people? Is it Trump’s fault we have people who love themselves so much that they think they deserve nothing but the best no matter what it costs someone else?

Name one other president who has kept as many of his promises, be he a Democrat or Republican, as Trump has.

Don’t be stupid and believe all the lies and accusations you may hear.

I admit Trump does things I don’t like, such as name calling, etc. Democrats do it also, but that seems OK. I’m still glad we have cows because my wife likes milk and I like cheese on my tacos.

Support the military, police, firefighters, and medical personnel, even though you don’t like Trump. Do it for your country.

Bill Angle

What you need to know about the coronavirus

I saw an advertisement for a mainline news broadcast likening COVID-19 to the Spanish flu and other flu pandemics. And overlaid over the images of these pandemics was an ever-increasing number in the millions. This was to show the number of people who died from these flu’s. The focus of the ad was to frighten people into watching a particular news broadcast to get up-to-the-minute information on COVID-19.

How irresponsible! Using people’s fears of COVID-19 to boost ratings.

Well, here’s what people really need to know about COVID-19. First and foremost, many people will not contract COVID-19. And 80% of those that do will have very mild or no symptoms at all. This is according to the World Health Organization. Further, a vast majority of victims will recover within the comfort of their own homes, never needing to be hospitalized. And many will recover within a week to ten days.

There are also medications currently available to treat the symptoms of COVID-19 – and more being developed and tested. So relief is on the way.

And it’s also important to remember, each of the prior pandemics had their season and ended. Just like COVID-19 will have its season and end.

But until then, maybe the best treatment available is a simple one. Get reliable information from your health care provider or public health officials – not irresponsible news broadcasters out to boost their viewer ratings. Your mental health will greatly improve.

Scott Culshaw

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Temporary reduction for businesses

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