Man arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting woman

A Pahrump man was arrested last week after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman.

Nicholas Martinez, 32, was taken into custody by the Nye County Sheriff’s Office on Dec. 6 and charged with one count of sexual assault.

Martinez was arrested at a residence on the 1000 block of Hardy Lane after detectives investigated the alleged incident and found probable cause of the sexual assault on an 18-year-old female victim.

The victim claims that she was staying at a relative’s house and Martinez offered her marijuana and alcohol to “have some fun,” the arrest report stated.

At one point the victim said she felt tired and wanted to go to bed after consuming too much alcohol and weed. At that point the victim said that Martinez assisted her in smoking and drinking more, as she was unable to do it by herself at that point.

The victim said that eventually she made it over to the couch she normally sleeps on and at one point woke up to Martinez trying to undress her, to which she claims to have pushed him off and made it verbally known his actions weren’t welcomed.

After falling asleep the victim said she then woke up in Martinez’s bedroom, undressed, with Martinez sexually assaulting her. The victim also claimed Martinez had a camera out, either taking photos or filming the alleged assault.

The victim told police that she injured Martinez in a specific place on one of his lower limbs at one point during the alleged assault.

Martinez and witnesses were interviewed and a search warrant was executed on his home to collect evidence, including DNA from Martinez and electronics.

When questioned about the alleged incident, Martinez claimed that he suffers from memory loss and he could not remember if he had sex with the victim or not.

In the interview Martinez also said that he asked a person about what to say about the night the alleged sexual assault took place, and also spoke to the pastor at his church about what the police might ask, according to police.

Martinez was arrested and charged with the sexual assault and transported to the Nye County Detention Center where he’s being held on $50,000 bond.

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