Marijuana edibles gaining in popularity in the valley

Though smoking marijuana is the most common form of achieving the effects of the drug, eating, drinking and even bathing in the product is gaining more popularity among users.

During the first day of recreational marijuana sales in Pahrump on July 1, officials at The Grove dispensary along East Basin Avenue introduced a vendor of marijuana edibles.

Dixie Brands Elixirs and Edibles began roughly seven years ago in Colorado.

Executive Sales Representative K.C. Thompson set up shop at the facility in Pahrump when legal sales of recreational marijuana began earlier this month.

“We have products ranging from drinks, chocolate bars, mints and a topical line,” she said. “We offer CBD products as well as CBD lines for dogs. There are two major cannabinoids in cannabis, such as THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid and CBD which is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. CBDs are legal in all 50 states. Many people like it because it’s non-psychoactive, so it is very discreet.”

Pot for Pets

Regarding the CBD classification, Thompson said the variety of available pain-relieving products are numerous, for both people and even their pets.

“It’s really great for both inflammation and pain,” she said. “Dogs also really react well from it. Our topical line is one of the fastest growing lines within the Dixie company. Dogs have an endocannabinoid system just like humans. Our bodies are set up to receive cannabinoids. Our most popular product right now on the market is going to be our bath soaps. When you think about body pain and inflammation, and you get into a bath, the nice warm water opens up the body’s pores and you will get the medication right in.”

Initial Reluctance

Years ago, Thompson said she had a much different opinion of marijuana, be it the THC variety of the CBD’s.

“I actually grew up as an athlete and was definitely anti-cannabis,” she said. “As I got older, I sustained some injuries and eventually, a good friend of mine had suggested cannabis as a remedy. I was a little hesitant to try it, but once I did, within a few days, I was feeling so much better and healthy. I really became a seeker of truth. There are so many different products out there where almost anybody can find something that can help them with their physical malady.”

Back in the Day

Lee Thompson, no relation, to K.C., grew up in the late 1960’s during the Vietnam era.

Thompson was one of the hundreds of visitors to The Grove when recreational marijuana sales began this month.

“When I was much younger, they made it sound like anybody who used marijuana was a pothead or a hippie or some crazy demonstrator,” he recalled. “They painted it as something bad. I think it’s great that marijuana has finally ditched its negative connotations. It was a billion dollar industry in Colorado last year, or it could be a billion dollar industry for the drug cartels in this country. Which is better?”

Non-smoker Support

Though Thompson maintains a positive view of the legal marijuana industries in the western U.S., he does not use the drug.

“If you mention marijuana to most older people, they think it’s just something you smoke, but there are many other applications,” he said. “If you look at most of the people here today, you’ll notice that they are not all that young. I am not a marijuana user, nor have I ever been. I’m retired, so I spend my winters in southern Arizona. It was surprising to see how many older people use marijuana. They would just come out of the woodworks. I don’t smoke but if it works for you and helps you, so be it.”

Go West

K.C. Thompson, meanwhile, noted that at present, the only facilities offering medical or recreational marijuana are located in the western United States.

Those states are Nevada, Colorado, California, Arizona and Washington state.

“You must be at least 21 years of age to enter any dispensary.” Thompson said. “We are in almost every dispensary within the state of Nevada. We have a great partnership set up with The Grove dispensary. They are amazing folks to work with and we are very grateful to be part of their family now. We expect to be here for a very long time with them. People can find out more by logging onto We have a lot of great resources online for educating yourselves, and we also have recipes.”

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