Nevada traffic-safety crackdown results in 239 citations

The numbers are in from a recent statewide traffic-safety crackdown.

From March 19 through March 31, Nevada Highway Patrol Troopers initiated 251 traffic stops resulting in 229 citations issued.

The breakdown of the citations by type of violation includes:

■ Cell phone use, 60

■ Speed, 54

■ Driver violations to pedestrians, 45

■ Registration violations, 23

■ Driver’s license violations, 16

■ Pedestrian violations, 16

■ Seat belt violations, 15

■ No proof of insurance, 10

■ Suspended driver’s license, 2

■ Failure to yield, 1

■ Other citations, 9

“While Nevada law enforcement continues to conduct traffic stops on a daily basis for a multitude of violations, the focus of those two weeks was focused on pedestrian safety,” the NHP said in a statement.

The NHP is reminding motorists to always watch out for pedestrians.

“Additionally, pedestrians also need to remember to cross any roadway at proper locations,” the NHP said. “Remember that glare and weather conditions can reduce visibility for drivers and make pedestrians harder to see.”

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