Next phase of Homestead Road rebuild starts in Pahrump

The next big road construction project for Nye County is now underway and Homestead Road is once again the subject of a one-mile cone zone.

On Monday, July 16, Wulfenstein Construction Company crews began work on the newest phase of improvements for Homestead Road, a $1 million rebuild of the roadway between Manse Road and Thousandaire Boulevard.

Although the contract approved by the Nye County Commission on June 19 specified a 60-business-day completion deadline, that timeline has apparently been adjusted. A news release from Nye County detailed that construction is anticipated to last more than four months and is estimated to wrap up in late November, due to a four-day roadwork week and holidays.

“This project will entail some patience from the public to help keep a safe workplace by adhering to traffic controls throughout the project,” Nye County Public Works Director Tim Dahl stated. Delays will be a common feature with the road already reduced to a single lane of travel and motorists will need to slow down as they travel over the ripped up roadbed.

“The work hours are planned for 5 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday,” the county news release stated. “Vehicles approaching the work zone should expect delays and consider alternate routes.”

To help ease the traffic strain, drivers can utilize other area roads to avoid the construction zone altogether. Nye County Public Works District Road Supervisor Wade Christensen offered several options for residents to consider.

“For north-south travel, on the east side of the work zone, traffic can make use of Malibou Avenue, which runs from Manse to Thousandaire, then use Squaw Valley or Jane to continue on to Kellogg Road,” Christensen suggested. “For the west side of the work zone local traffic can use Oakridge from Manse to Thousandaire or Vicki Ann from Gamebird to Kellogg. For east-west travel, Gamebird from Highway 160 to Barney or Kellogg from Hafen Ranch Road to Vicki Ann would be the best routes.”

Other common alternatives for those traveling to and from the southern side of town include Pahrump Valley Boulevard from Thousandaire to Manse as well as Highway 160 from the Mountain Falls area and Caas Street.

“The 1.3-mile resurfacing project will include pulverizing the existing asphalt, removal of road base material, excavating native sub-base, recompacting base, adding new base, road width widening, and asphalt paving,” the county news release read. “The road will be widened from the current width of approximately 22 feet to 38 feet of pavement. This will allow for safer traffic flow and bike lanes on both sides of Homestead.”

The total cost for the current rebuild project is $1,052,715.49, funded primarily by the Regional Transportation Commission. The county noted that this resurfacing project comes right on the heels of the $1.8 million Homestead Road from Gamebird to Manse project completed earlier this year.

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